With cannabis now readily available in California, many are experimenting and with that may come the fear – or unpleasant experience – of becoming too high. While there is no getting “unhigh” quickly, several things can help you relax and ride it out.

Know that this will pass

The feeling of discomfort or panic has happened to many. Just remember, it passes. It always passes. You’re going to have a few minutes of discomfort, but it will go away, and soon you will be back to your old self. Just trusting that can immediately bring relief. 

Focus on something other than yourself

The mind has a tough time focusing on two things at once, so do something enjoyable. Put on a record, CD or radio, and get lost in the music. Pick up a familiar book or turn on a comedy; it’s tough to feel uncomfortable when you’re laughing. If your mind is enjoying music or a story, it’s not going to be too concerned about your nervousness. And where your mind goes, your body follows. As you mentally relax, your body also will relax. Soon, all of you will be at peace.


When you’re tense, you take shallow breaths, so try to relax. Breathe in slowly but deeply through your nose for three seconds, hold the breath for three seconds, and slowly release the breath through your mouth for four seconds while quietly saying, “Ahhhhh…”

Take some CBD

CBD helps fight anxiety, and many have found it can counter-act the effects of THC. Orally administered CBD (oils, edibles, capsules) begin working within 30 minutes to two hours; smoking or vaping CBD oil results in more immediate effects.

Drink water and eat

It is common to get dry mouth when stoned, so have water – not a sugar-filled drink, coffee or alcohol – just water. Consider adding lemon which contains the terpene limonene that can offset the feeling of being high. Food also contains terpenes and can have the same effect. 

Try peppercorns

Sounds strange, but many have said taking a whiff of peppercorns helps bring them down. Peppercorns contain the terpene beta-caryophyllene which may help clarify your thoughts and lead to a reduction in anxiety. Some have suggested chewing or steeping them in hot water with lemon. 

Talk to someone you trust

Telling a trusted friend what you’re going through is a great way to get your anxiety out in the open. Maybe your friend has been through this and will reinforce the fact that “this too shall pass.” If you feel you need more help, don’t be afraid to contact emergency services as they are well versed in helping those who have overdone it.

Many factors can affect the high you receive from cannabis, so each time you experiment – even for medicinal purposes – be sure to start off “low and slow.” Be aware of the ratio of THC to CBD and start with low THC, waiting a good hour before taking more. Rest assured, if you do get uncomfortably high, you will come down in minutes. 

Lustman is the marketing director for Senior-High, a woman-owned educational resource for active adults interested in discovering the medicinal benefits of products derived from cannabis. They can be reached at (760) 459.4593 or visit www.Senior-High.com.

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