What would your life be like if you had always listened to and followed the wisdom of your heart? Maybe you have, and your life is full and flourishing, or maybe you pause when you think about the many times you have chosen your head over your heart. Some of you may feel the entire notion of leading with your heart is irrelevant, or maybe even dangerous.

The heart beats about 100,000 times a day. It generates 60 to 1,000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the brain does. It has been discovered that the brain within our head obeys messages that are sent by the brain within our hearts. The heart is always sending out information to the entire body; each and every beat sends critical messages that affect both our emotional and physical health.1

According to Bradley Nelson, DC, author of The Emotion Code, the heart has its own unique intelligence. “There is now considerable evidence that the heart contains memories and feelings,” he says. “A large number of heart transplant recipients have reported new food and drink preferences and cravings, as well as handwriting changes, music preferences, and memories that don’t seem to be their own.2

When we experience heartache or heartbreak, it is a painful physical sensation that occurs in the heart and is felt by the heart, which often causes people to “put up a wall.” Nelson believes that to indeed be the case. He states that when we feel heartache, our subconscious, aware that the heart is our core and needs protection, will sometimes use the energy of trapped emotions to create a wall around the heart to shield and protect it, and while the wall is imaginary, the subconscious behaves as if it is real.

The presence of a wall can affect our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and can lead to feelings of isolation and depression, as well as heart disease. Living with a wall protecting the heart with emotions trapped in the past is similar to living with the past in front of you versus living with your past in the rear view mirror.

The traditional modality for identifying and releasing negative emotions is therapy or counseling. Today, many are turning to the ancient practice of energy medicine which uses electromagnetic energy to work with both the heart and the subconscious on a physical and energetic level.

Nelson’s philosophy which incorporates energy medicine states that there is a process to address a heart wall. The first step is to identify if there is a wall; there could be a hidden heart wall, or an inner child heart wall. The next step is to determine the thickness and composition of the wall. Then each trapped emotion is addressed and released. Holding onto these emotions and old beliefs can keep you from moving forward in your life with joy and happiness.

We all are meant to live vibrant, joyful lives and to thrive in all we do. If you feel you are holding on to anger or negative emotions that are keeping you from moving forward, take the necessary steps to break through your heart wall to live a life of abundant joy.

Tracy Smith is an energy intuitive therapist and Emotion Code practitioner with AcQpoint Wellness Center and can be reached at (760) 409.9289. For more information visit www.TracyJSmith.net.

References: 1) Bradley Nelson, DC, The
Emotion Code (Wellness Unmasked Publishing, 2007), p230; 2) MINDSHOCK: Transplanting Memories, Channel4.com, Belfast, Northern Ireland. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GADSbc2AI8I

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