Tap dancing is regaining popularity as a healthy approach to creating wellness for the heart, mind and body. For older adults, tap dancing is an example of how art programming can positively effect one’s physical being, mental health, and social functioning, regardless of ability.

Providing interactive rhythm, tap dancing is a brain- boosting activity which fosters optimal brain integration geared at improving attention spans, breathing, and memory. Through a collection of old-time favorite songs, rhythm classes touch your heart and inspire your soul.

“We find fulfillment in activities that not only challenge us, but keep us focused on the promising possibilities of accomplishing a goal,” states Dr. Mary Archer who teaches tap dancing classes here in the Desert. Her newly created method of teaching this art-form has no limitations on age. Her students may be in their 80’s or 90’s and may be on walkers or wheelchairs, while others may be experiencing dementia or recovering from stroke. Her greatest achievement comes from the fact that her work serves many purposes in addition to skill development. Her goal is to draw people into the arts experientially while boosting their ability to learn by awakening their individual expressiveness and creativity.

“Fulfillment and joy are the result of making an effort to meet the challenge, and a healthy mind, body and soul are the rewards of persistence to achieve your goal. And, what better way to gain a positive attitude and zest for life than through an opportunity to express yourself creatively?”

Dr. Mary Archer, started her terpsichorean career in ‘Show Biz’ in New York City where she was part of the dance team Stanford & Lynn. She graced the stage with such headliners as Paul Anka, Dionne Warwick, Bobby Vinton, Pearl Bailiey, Cab Calloway, Gregory Hines, to name a few. She has recently moved to the Desert and looks forward to bringing dance to residents of all ages through her company Breath of Life Creative Arts.

So, if you looking to add something new to your present agenda, this creative new “brain boost through boogie” approach to health, fitness and fun may just be the answer. Archer concludes by saying, “No matter what age or condition one is facing, it is always nice to believe and declare ‘I’ve got rhythm. I’ve got music. I’ve got tap shoes. Who could ask for anything more?’”

For more information, call 954-937-2247 or email at [email protected]

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