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Not Just Another Pretty Face…The Benefits of a Therapeutic Facial

I am not one to pamper myself often. I know that facials are an important cleansing process for the skin, but I tend to spend my time and resources on therapies that improve overall health and well-being. That is why Diana’s “therapeutic skin care” caught my eye.

Diana Hurt is a licensed esthetician with a certification in Lymphatic Facial Massage (LFM) from Soma Therapy Institute in Rancho Mirage. In addition, she has completed two of three levels towards achieving Reiki Master status (Reiki is a form of therapy in which the practitioner is believed to channel energy into the patient in order to encourage healing or restore wellbeing. Dr. Oz’s wife, Lisa, is a Reiki Master). Diana’s combined education and training results in beauty treatments with the added benefits of lymphatic drainage massage and energy work.

What does this mean? The lymphatic system is the body’s garbage can. It includes many tiny lymph nodes throughout your body located just under the skin. These glands store fat and toxins and will continue to store them unless they are drained. In your face, the result can be puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Aerobic exercise, yoga and stretching, and most effectively lymphatic massage, can successfully drain your lymph system.

Diana’s therapeutic treatment includes the cleansing, masks and moisturizers you expect in a facial, and is coupled with an hour of very light methodical massage starting in the clavicle area and working up through your face and head.

“The nodes are located just under the skin with little flaps that allow the fluid to pass through,” explains Diana. “If there is blockage, I can sometimes feel pea sized sacs of fluid that will release. We use gentle touch to allow the flaps to open. If too firm, it will cause them to close.”

While these treatments are good for overall health, Diana notes that they can be most beneficial for chronic swelling, puffiness, and for pre- and post-surgery. “Activating the flow before surgery prepares your skin for healing. After surgery, and with your doctor’s recommendation on timing, lymphatic drainage can help speed the healing process significantly.”

LFM can also be a natural remedy for removing bags under the eyes. While this usually takes a series of treatments, Diana teaches her clients how to work on themselves at home in between professional treatments.

You leave Diana’s office feeling the usual pampered way, and you will actually feel the movement and drainage taking place in your face. For me, this “active” feeling continued for about 24 hours. I woke up the next morning and my bright and shiny face was still tingling with movement. After this treatment, the beauty was certainly more than just skin deep.

For more information on the benefits of Lymphatic Facial Massage for general health and recovery, call Diana at 760.275.4479 or visit her website at

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