Healing Ceremony with Nature

Many of us have developed a heightened appreciation of the great outdoors this past year. This reconnection with nature comes during a time when the environment faces an unparalleled climate crisis with the rapid escalation of fossil fuels, pollution growth, plastic waste and CO2 emissions. Activities that allow us to cultivate mindfulness with Mother Earth… Read more »

Dream BIG

Last January, I was celebrating a new start after a year of cancer treatments. 2019 had been rough, but I made it through with a renewed appreciation for life and a strong sense of fearlessness. Life is short, and I can do anything.  So, I decided to start riding horses again. I tried 10 years… Read more »

Honoring the Light

As I was walking through the forests of Big Sur during the holidays, taking a socially-isolated reprieve from work and daily life, I was struck by the magnificence of how light expresses itself in the forest. In some areas, sunlight illuminates the burnt orange leaves of Oak trees. Around another corner, it reveals itself in… Read more »

1920s and 2020s

A Tale of Two Decades

When looking back at the roaring ‘20s I think of flappers, jazz music and prohibition. However, it was a time of social and political change, defiance and the great stock market crash. Sound familiar?  We’re barely in the first year of a new decade and it’s already lived up to the name of Roaring 20… Read more »

Pause & Reflect

A Look at the Good News

Every human on our planet is struggling right now. For some, it’s simply getting through the day; for others, it’s coping with mortality in unimaginable circumstances.  If the challenges we are facing are taking their toll mentally, you are not alone. Many psychologists agree that the ability to comprehend the magnitude of what is going… Read more »

Out of the Darkness, Into the Light

This year, an incredible young man came into my life. While I have yet to meet him personally, I can confidently say he is an extremely accomplished and compassionate human being. Peter Li is a spokesperson, author and inspirational speaker. He has written and produced an award-winning movie, attended the Emmys and published a book.… Read more »

Time to Blossom

The vernal equinox is here and it’s time to transition to more daylight hours as we move toward the summer solstice three months from now. This time of year is ripe for reflection, looking at the quality of balance in our lives to see what may be blossoming for us.   In the somewhat rare… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer

Living Deliberately

This past month, the world was shocked by the news of the death of sports icon Kobe Bryant along with eight other victims on board a helicopter that crashed in Calabasas. For 20 years, basketball fans watched Kobe game after game and witnessed an athlete who was wholeheartedly committed to excellence.  During Kobe’s jersey retirement… Read more »

How do people heal?

How Do People Heal?

In my work as a massage therapist and energy medicine practitioner I consider this question every day. Every client–each person–has a story. We are each on a healing journey. The details vary, but the quest is the same for all: we are searching for wholeness. What helps? What constitutes success? Recently I had a personal… Read more »

Lauren and Tommy Del Sarto

Sweet Days of Summer

Remember when you couldn’t wait for summer? In your young mind the word screamed freedom, bare feet, nature and fun. Where will you find those things this summer? July and August are the perfect time to escape on a new (or familiar) adventure. Whether it’s a drive to the beach, staycation at a local resort,… Read more »