Start Your Day with a Cup of Chi

Chi self-massage is a Taoist concept originating back thousands of years. I was first introduced to the practice when studying at the Taoist Institute and taught to do chi self-massage before getting out of bed in the morning. The idea is to cultivate “chi,” or energy, using breathing, visualizations and movement to direct life force… Read more »

The Bucket List

Ringing in the New Year always sparks reflection on a new beginning and enthusiastic goals for the year ahead. Whether it be personal growth, must do experiences, or starting a new way of eating, we plan by jotting it down on paper, making a visual board, or telling someone our desires to be held accountable.… Read more »

Jump into Health

There are multitudes of ways to exercise nowadays. New innovations appear in our local fitness facilities to keep us entertained while keeping us healthy, yet we often revert back to the time-honored ways of exercising and workouts of the past become current trends once again.  The trampoline, otherwise known as the rebounder, is an example… Read more »

Letting go of time

The Importance of Play

Think of those times in your life when you were alone doing something you love; those times you remember being filled with nothing but sheer joy…maybe immersing yourself in a hobby, creating something new, walking through a serene landscape or simply sitting in silence. How did you feel? Most likely, you weren’t thinking about your… Read more »

The Paradigm Shift in Medicine Today


I looked down at my toes as I lay in the restorative yoga pose and noticed one pant-leg pulled up on my shorter leg, accentuating the way I was born. My right leg is an inch shorter than my left leg and so my body has compensated. My back curves to balance above uneven hips.… Read more »

Allocation Pie

‘Tis the season…to eat pie! With the holidays around the corner, many of us will forego our diets and allow ourselves to enjoy the season baking our favorite desserts to share with family and friends or enjoy the benefits of the enthusiastic chefs in the group.  As a seasonal baker, I reflected on the time… Read more »