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The Pressure of Competition

Over the past year, parents of the wealthy and privileged have been exposed for cheating the college admissions system. These individuals have personified the levels of desperation to which some parents descend in order to get their child into their school of choice. Stresses of college admissions and even competition among high school students contribute… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer

Following Your Inner Compass

We often say, “Trust your instincts” and “Listen to your inner voice.” Yet, with all the external noise and internal conflict, how do we follow our inner compass? Our world revolves around strategy, data, knowledge and facts, which challenges us to navigate unknown territories. Over 4,000 years ago Phoenician sailors used the sun and stars… Read more »

Disco Inferno Pilates

A “Night Out” Workout

While Zelda’s has long been known as one of the valley’s hottest nightclubs, upstairs they are turning up the heat at Bikram Yoga Plus – Palm Springs where Disco Inferno Hot Pilates offers Friday night fun combined with a full body workout. With many fitness fans seeking healthier nightly activities, this rocking class is growing… Read more »

Mood Mantra

What Is Your Vision Of Retirement?

You may have financially prepared for retirement, but are you psychologically and emotionally prepared? Being psychologically and emotionally prepared is equally as important as your financial preparations for your overall retirement health and well-being. The root of the word retirement implies retreat from battle, or stepping back to safer ground. This contradicts the excitement and… Read more »

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My Friend “Charity”

I have a close friend, Charity. I like Charity. She’s one of those friends who always makes you feel good about yourself. Unfortunately, as with most friends, finding time to spend together presents challenges. We are busy with work, family, and other commitments. Sometimes, months go by without ever connecting. Like a true friend, however,… Read more »