Living Wellness with Jennifer DiFrancesco

The Beauty of Orange Blossom

We are fortunate to live in a climate where spring’s arrival brings full bloom to our desert. With temperatures getting warmer, we smell the sweet and citrusy aroma of orange blossoms wafting in the air. When this aroma hits our olfactory system, it is sure to be pleasant. Orange blossom aroma also has proven health… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Simply Meditate

Sometimes the simplest task is the hardest. In the case of meditation this is true for many. Meditation is simply defined as the ‘cessation of fluctuations of the mind.’ There is enough statistical research supporting this, and we should all be taking time in our day to have uninterrupted quiet time focusing on the breath… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Ancient Healing Practices

Many answers we seek to feel vibrant and take care of our health and wellness, exist as natural remedies dating back 5,000 years. There is a science of self-understanding that originated in India called Ayurveda, translating from Sanskrit to mean “Science of Life.” It is a system of empowerment that looks at everything affecting a… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Taking The Waters

The word “spa” comes from a small 14th century town known for curative, thermal mineral springs. From this location, the Latin phrase “sanitas per aquas” (health through water) originated. Treating the body through baths and water traveled from ancient Greece and the Roman Empire to the Renaissance era. By the 20th century. doctors in Europe… Read more »

Jennifer DiFrancesco

Living Wellness

It’s the New Year and a time of new beginnings. The number one priority for the population is health and wellness. This usually consists of joining a gym and starting the New Year focused on fitness goals. Unfortunately, this focus often falters. Statistics show that 50% of all new health club members quit within the… Read more »