Slow Down Your Workouts

Is weight lifting only for the young? Not at all! Even those 50 and older can enjoy weightlifting, especially lifting weights in slow-motion. Slow-motion strength training involves 10 seconds of lifting and a 10-second lowering phase. The exercise’s ultimate goal is to gain momentary muscle failure. Slow-motion strength training is an example of a brief… Read more »

Keep Moving for Immunity

These are trying times, not just for Americans but for the entire world.  Since the first outbreak was announced in February of last year, many businesses have been shut down, and fear and uncertainty have placed millions at home, affecting most people’s mental, emotional, financial and physical health. With many gyms compromised or closed right… Read more »

An Important Year to Prevent the Flu

The upcoming flu season is causing concern for many people, compounding their worries about contracting coronavirus. Fortunately, the same behaviors that prevent transmission of COVID-19 – avoiding in-person gatherings, physical distancing when in public and wearing face masks – also protect you from the flu. Flu statistics and projections. The flu affects 3-10 percent of… Read more »

What to Get Someone Who has Everything? The Gift of Longevity

With the upcoming gift-giving season, we can remember that longevity is a gift we can give ourselves every day, not just for the holidays. We all have a genetic blueprint in our DNA, which indicates whether we might have a tendency for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, fibromyalgia, dementia and arthritis.  The thing about… Read more »

Beyond the Doctor’s Office: Treating Autoimmune Disease at Home

Millions of people have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and the numbers, which include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, eczema, psoriasis and celiac disease to name a few, are increasing rapidly.  With so many people affected and very little time and attention offered by traditional medical doctors, most people are left feeling helpless. However,… Read more »

Preventive Kidney Care

The kidneys are vital organs in the human body, yet we rarely focus on them until something goes wrong, such as a painful urinary infection or the passing of kidney stones. The kidneys play a role in controlling blood pressure, acid-base balance, electrolyte concentrations and the removal of toxins. They participate in converting vitamin D… Read more »

Anti cancer book

Anticancer Living: Transform Your Life and Health with the Mix of Six

Anticancer Living is authored by the husband and wife team of Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, and Alison Jefferies, MEd who lead the integrative medicine program at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. The scientific basis of all their information and recommendations is deep and sound.  In many ways, this book is a sequel to… Read more »

How bodies process sugar

How Our Bodies Process Sugar

The food we consume is made up of three nutrients: proteins, fat and carbohydrates. Of the carbohydrates, there are three types: sugar, starch and fiber. Sugars are the simplest form of carbohydrates and examples include sucrose (table sugar), glucose (our body’s source of energy) and fructose (found in fruits and certain vegetables). Table sugar is… Read more »