There’s a lot of crazy in the world right now. It’s sad. Very sad.

It’s sad that watching the news is unbearable. When politicians act more like children than leaders. When a husband and wife have to set boundaries before watching election results together.  When waking up to another shooting is commonplace.

It’s sad when you greet a neighbor while walking your dog and don’t know if it’s safe to talk about anything but the weather. It’s sad and truly unbelievable to me.

This is America, isn’t it?

The one thing I know for sure is that we all need to find a personal release – something healthy to help us maintain inner calm and positivity.

Do you have something? Mine is meditation with the sunrise. Twenty years ago I put it on my Life List and am grateful that it has become a treasured practice my mind and body look forward to it each and every day.

I place my blanket on the floor, open my sliding glass door and gaze at the orange glow peeking over the horizon. Sitting comfortably, I take a few deep breaths before turning on my app. There are no ironies…today’s thought was I aim to reduce all needless pressure in my life.  “If I could choose just one myth to dispel in everyone’s life,” says Deepak, “it would be the myth that stress is good for us.” This hits home for the overachiever in me. I remember when I thought meditation would make me ‘lose my edge’ which couldn’t be farther from the truth. I close my eyes and listen to Chopra’s lesson before entering that warm place of embracing calm.

It ends with a soft bell and invitation to slowly open your eyes. With this, I see the sun in full bloom against the blue morning sky. It’s in this moment that I realize today is a new day full of promise. I am happy and at peace.

Today, I wish the same for you. Today, I wish you inner peace.

THE BALANCE: Find that thing to help you nurture inner peace and calm. We all need it now more than ever.

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  • I am taking a bongo lesson on sat to bang out and release emotional tension!!

    You write so beautifully I felt as though i am with you on your morning meditation journey into the bliss of our self conscienceness! Stress is the impetus to accomplish but can then in excess can be an impediment to our health.

  • L’il Love,
    You are a truly gifted writer!
    Love you a bunch,

  • Dr. Susan Murphy

    Thanks, Lauren, for sharing your thoughts and ideas through these articles. I enjoy your writing style and how you include your five senses to add kinesthetics and depth to your message (sight, hearing, touch, etc.) With gratitude – namaste!

    • Lauren Del Sarto

      Thank you for your kind words, Dr. Murphy. It’s fun to have this opportunity to write more personally. I take your comments to heart ~


  • Thank you for sharing your heart Lauren. Your words touch us all and remind us to take a breath and return to this moment. Life happens right here, right now. Experiencing it from the inside is the magic.

  • I’m finding this and commenting well over year after you’ve posted, but I LOVE this. Funny enough, I’m just wrapping up a 21 day meditation challenge by Deepak and he’s been teaching me about Grace and Gratitude. I’ve been taking time to have an emotional release every day for a while, but he taught me that after the release… to just relish in gratitude. The lightness/love in my heart I’ve been experiencing through practicing this has been just…out of this world.

    Love Desert Health…been consuming it since I first came to the Desert. Will be messaging you to see how I can contribute to the cause.