OK. I’m way off balance.

Ever happened? Maybe it’s a bad day where nothing goes right, a surge of undue stress, or a strange pain that comes out of nowhere.

Maybe it’s a speeding ticket. That’s what got me this time…

Last week, my Italian father traveled across the country to visit for two weeks. I was so excited and worked hard to get ahead of things so I could ‘be there’ in every moment. It was a wonderful visit and for the first few days, I was all in. But as early morning coffee replaced meditation, big meals and nightly cocktail hour brought night sweats, and work requests crept in, I started feeling a little angst.

One morning, I had to go off to a meeting and Dad offered to clean the yard (very sweet, indeed). But with all the questions that ensued, I finally hollered “I gotta go!” and rushed off to the shower. Running late, I was running fast and, yes, got a ticket. As I was waiting for the citation to be handed over, I took a deep breath and reminded myself to slow down. Nothing was more important than the time with Dad and I needed to stop and appreciate that once again.

In the days that followed, I got up extra early to sit quietly and meditate to bring myself back to center. Relieving the stress of ‘getting it all done’ calmed my mind and got me back on track to best enjoy the rest of our time together. It absolutely worked.

We are meant to travel through life with ease. A rough patch, really bad day, or sudden aches and pains are strong signs that we are not in alignment with the universe and need to switch gears. It is called DIS-ease for a reason and continuing on that bumpy road can certainly lead you there. It’s important to recognize the signs and make adjustments.

The Balance: A “bad day” may be a good sign that you are out of alignment with your true path. Stop, take a deep breath, and then steps to bring yourself back to center so you can enjoy your journey in life to the fullest.

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