Weird negative things happening lately? Maybe communication is not flowing smoothly or your computer is quirky?

This morning, a friend of mine was struggling with a long list of deadlines and her company’s entire network down. Then I started losing emails and rebooting programs that wouldn’t work.


I had a suspicion, looked it up, and low and behold…Mercury in retrograde is here again (July 26 – Aug. 19)! Of course. Right when we are on deadline for our next super big issue! UG.

With that said, I’m going to keep this short and advise you to do the same. Step away from cranky technology, don’t make major decisions or sign any agreements, remember to breathe, and hold on to your sense of humor.

The universe is off its rocker and all we can do is muddle through until things are flowing in the right direction once again. Here’s a fun survival guide from Elle Magazine based on your sign. Enjoy!

THE BALANCE: There is none right now, so keep smiling and know that this too shall pass. (:

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