Balanced vacation. An oxymoron in my life. ‘I need a vacation from my vacation’ is definitely a better fit.

We just returned from a two wonderful weeks in New England spent with family in Maine, Boston and the Cape. We checked off items on our bucket lists: Fenway for Tommy and Nantucket for me. It was truly magical.

But, of course, we stayed out too late, drank too much and ate food I never eat (who can pass up homemade squid pasta in the North End?)

Returning home, I was determined to get back on track, only to come down with a bad cold within a week. My enthusiasm to exercise was reduced to a crawl out of bed. I gave in to the couch potato.

Funny thing is, before I left, I poured my heart and soul into our latest issue all about Wellness Tourism, one of the fastest growing segments of travel. The Coachella Valley is a hot spot and being marketed as such nationally and internationally with the Live Your Wellest campaign. We have all you need for a healthy, invigorating escape. It’s one of the many reasons I love living here.

I understand why many people are seeking destinations that offer more than drinks on the beach and late night festivities, and hope to make the transition someday. It’s tough when you’re married to a beer guy, but certainly there’s a compromise out there.

Have you been on a dedicated health vacation? Maybe an extended stay at a spa or itineraries that include yoga and organic cuisine? I’d love to hear what motivated you to go, who you were with, and if the experience is something you’d do again.

Don’t get me wrong, our vacation incredible! Certainly a memorable ‘Journey of an Overachiever,’ but far from balanced.

SO, WHAT’S THE BALANCE? To be honest, when it comes to vacation, I haven’t found it. Please share yours below so I can be inspired ~

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  • Well, mom has some ideas :)

  • A Vacation with yoga and organic cuisine is on my personal bucket list. Some day….

    With a young teenager still living at home however, finding personal balance can be tough. I took my 15 year old into NYC for a few days this summer but focused on stuff he would enjoy the most, like a VR shoot out in Madam Taussauds and the Green Monster speed boat ride on the Hudson. His laugh out loud enjoyment was priceless and is what gives me my balance, for now.

    • I LOVE THAT, Michelle! Thank you for sharing… I know you know every word I speak about the lifelong journey to achieving balance. <3