A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I was out walking my pup feeling very proud to finally be back on track – over my cold, eating right, and back to yoga. ‘Stay with it! You need more….?’ I kept searching for this encouraging word that escaped me. The whole walk I was trying to grasp it.. self-control, regimen, power, maintenance…

It wasn’t until we got home that it finally came to me and I truly laughed out loud. Discipline.

It’s been so long since I’ve thought of this word that I’m not even sure I’m spelling it right!

Is it just me, or does ‘discipline’ have a negative connotation? Is it something we hated in childhood? Something we loath from others and wish we had more of ourselves? Does the thought of not being disciplined just sound more fun?

The inspiration for my morning conversation came from a Bikram yoga class the night before. The zero body fat on many sweaty yogis around me and locker room conversations about making bone broth inspired me to say ‘I so want to do this!’ and the pep talk began.

The reality is that maintaining healthy habits takes both practice and discipline. So how do we enhance that which we lack?

We ask the universe.

Set your intention and speak it out loud. “Please offer me more discipline for that which honors my body.” Write the word down on your dream board. Make it your morning mantra with meditation or coffee. It will come and positive change will follow.

I chuckle at the fact that this word and I have never really had a conversation. It’s all coming together in this moment and I am excited to see where it goes.

What’s your word?

THE BALANCE: Recognizing that which we lack is the first step towards positive change. And discipline is not a four letter word.

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  • noun
    the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. When you look it up in the dictionary it seems like a bad word, it is not, however the hardest part is having discipline in all one does work, eating, lifestyle.. this is a good mantra to add to my long list of positive reinforcements! thank you for the reminder!!

  • I believe that another important word is moderation….