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Layers of Our Life

Many of us have heard the advice that, when making changes in our behavior, we should make a small change at first, establish it and see how it works for you. It got me thinking about how our yoga and meditation practices are ongoing. We make our way to the mat and see what happens.… Read more »


The Creative and Healing Power of Nature

There is something deeply meditative in hearing the rustle of the leaves of a tree, in watching a hummingbird kiss the petals of a flower, or in kneeling in a garden when planting spring bulbs. All of us have found ourselves calmed, reinvigorated and inspired both in mind and spirit by the desert colors at… Read more »

Convenience at a Cost

The explosion of electronic devices has brought us instantaneous communication, ease of commercial transactions, and entertainment on demand. But increased screen time, estimated at 7-11 hours for adults each day, has also brought with it unforeseen effects on our bodies and our health. Perhaps the best-known negative effect of screen exposure is a decrease in… Read more »

The Nature Cure: A Doctor’s Guide to the Science of Natural Medicine

In Germany, doctors must complete medical school and specialty training before they can become trained and certified in naturopathic medicine. Andreas Michalsen, MD, is professor of clinical complementary medicine in Berlin at the largest university hospital in Europe. He is board-certified in internal medicine, emergency medicine, nutritional medicine, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. He has… Read more »

Hiring In-Home Care

Family caregivers who need in-home care may not know the various types of care nor what levels of support to expect. Cost, frequency and level of skilled providers are among determining factors when choosing in-home help for a loved one.  What are the differences between types of in-home care workers?  Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and… Read more »

Making holidays happy

Making the Holidays Happy

The holidays are a time of joy, anticipation, happiness, frivolity, family fun, merriment and well, high expectations. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, or any celebratory event, we tend to get nostalgic and that inner child within all of us wants everything to be picture perfect! The reality is that while perfection may be the goal,… Read more »

Keeping Your Cool During a Move

Moving isn’t easy according to many researchers and psychologists. The truth is we don’t need researchers to tell us how stressful it is or how we should feel about this experience. However, we most certainly can understand ourselves better by understanding what is happening during this process and what we can do to help ourselves… Read more »


Why Keto is Taking the World by Storm

Who’s heard of Keto? At this point almost everyone, even if they aren’t completely sure what it is and how it works. Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Tim Tebow and Lebron James didn’t start the ketogenic, or keto diet trend, but they’ve certainly added fuel to the already-hot fire. Keto is taking the world… Read more »


Raw Vegan in The Valley

What is a raw vegan diet and why the heck would anyone follow it? I’ve been doing so for over 12 years now and can’t imagine eating any other way.  A raw vegan diet includes fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds not heated over 115 degrees. There is an elegant simplicity to eating raw vegan. Meal… Read more »

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

If you’ve decided to cut down or eliminate sugar, I salute you. It isn’t easy. It’s in almost everything which you quickly learn when you give it up. And with the holidays here, temptations are sure to grow. Sticking with Mother Nature’s bounty and reading labels is the only way to stay true to your… Read more »

Allocation Pie

‘Tis the season…to eat pie! With the holidays around the corner, many of us will forego our diets and allow ourselves to enjoy the season baking our favorite desserts to share with family and friends or enjoy the benefits of the enthusiastic chefs in the group.  As a seasonal baker, I reflected on the time… Read more »

Senior Golfers: Hips Don’t Lie

For many years I have researched the most effective and biggest bang for the buck” exercises for golfers because I know time is always an issue. Having to arrive at the golf course early for an 8 a.m. tee time doesn’t give you much time for preparing your body for golf, so a complex golf… Read more »

Teams can compete in the half maratho

The Valley’s Original Half Marathon Returns

Returning to the heart of the desert for its 22nd running, the Palm Desert ½ Marathon & 5K continues its tradition as the original Coachella Valley running festival. Other races may come and go, but this one stands the test of time! Join over 1,200 other runners and walkers at beautiful Civic Center Park on… Read more »

Clint Ober

Living Well at The Polo Club

On Saturday, January 18, Trilogy at the Polo Club opens its doors and invites everyone to come see what the buzz is all about at their second annual Wellness Fair.  This new home community whose tagline is Live Happier® is worth a visit. As one of the valley’s fastest growing communities, The Polo Club features… Read more »

Yoga on the lawn

Free Family Fun for a Cause

Spend Black Friday at the Health & Wellness Festival in Old Town La Quinta and support mental wellness for our local youth. This free event is for all ages so bring the kids, cousins, and grandparents and enjoy something for everyone including games, exercise, beer tasting, wellness exhibitors and entertainment. Old Town will be bustling… Read more »

Santa helps little Adam

Healthy Santas Visit Valley Farmers’ Markets

In farmers’ markets around California a new breed of Santas is making a stand for healthier children.  Stunned by the fact that today’s elementary aged kids now experience diet-driven illnesses never seen in this age group just 30 years ago, the old “Ho, Ho, Ho. Have a candy cane” line is no longer acceptable.  Southern… Read more »