Bright Eyes: More Than a Fresh Look

Interpersonal communication is such an important part of life. And we are naturally drawn to people’s eyes as the focal point. The eyes provide visual and emotional cues and other non-verbal information and are vital in communication. Thus, we naturally want our eyes to look and feel their best. Cosmetic eyelid surgery restores your natural… Read more »

Sweeten Your Holidays

Sometimes we feel all of our efforts to stay in shape and eat healthily during the summer are slowly trumped by temptation of the holiday season’s treats and sweets. Sugar can be the single ingredient in our diet that separates us from our skinny jeans. Since we would all like to have our cake and… Read more »

Face Lifts: The Real Deal

One of the nice things about a free market economy is competition, which creates the incentive to be better at what we do. In medicine, we strive to achieve our patients’ goals more predictably, with shorter recovery and less down time. The competition between health care providers, medical device companies and pharmaceutical companies encourages evolution… Read more »

Corrective Rhinoplasty

Plastic surgery results usually come out great, but there are exceptions. Unsatisfactory results occur often enough that some surgeons, like me, develop a reputation as being the go-to man to rescue a bad result. When a surgical nose result is bad, it’s very troubling to a person. It cannot be concealed. Make up helps a… Read more »

Restoring Change from Time and Childbirth

The use of radiofrequency technology for medical and cosmetic procedures has become a popular and effective choice for both medical offices and consumers. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the non-invasive, electric current technology is proven to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and scarring, smooth surfaces and stimulate collagen production.1 That same technology is… Read more »

A Day Out for Two

My little man loves going with me in the car, but he’s not always crazy about the destination. New places tend to make him nervous and clingy, even at festive four-legged gatherings. But what a surprise I got when we walked through the door at Venus de Fido… Venus de Fido brings health and beauty… Read more »

The Lips Speak Volumes

Lips speak to people – literally and figuratively. Even when someone isn’t talking, a down-turned corner of the mouth says, “I disapprove. I’m sad. I’m angry.” That’s not so bad if you are expressing sadness, anger or disapproval, but what if you aren’t? Lips can betray you and say something that isn’t true or correct.… Read more »

Time To Diet

As you may recall, my most recent article discussed weight gain associated with alcohol intake during menopause (I Need a Drink, Desert Health May/June 2016). While the article was enlightening, writing it did nothing to burn the extra twenty pounds I’ve accumulated through this hormonal roller coaster that is “middle-aged.” So, I found myself faced… Read more »

New Treatment for Varicose Veins

Chances are that you either have, or you know someone who has, varicose veins. That is because vein disease affects 1 in 4 adults. A common myth is that varicose veins (veins that bulge underneath the skin in the legs) are a cosmetic problem, but in certain situations they can lead to swelling and pain… Read more »

Cycles of Life and Lessons of Nature

The desert is an amazing landscape which can look barren and dry for months of the year and then in spring, vibrancy occurs. There is no better way to explore this beauty than through hiking.  This spring unveiled a burst of color on many plants like the beavertail cactus with bright fuchsia flowers which open… Read more »

Eyelid Lumps and Bumps

The eyelids are delicate structures meant to protect the eyes. Like all skin, they are prone to various lumps and bumps that leave us wondering, “Is this something to worry about?” Areas of concern may appear gradually or seemingly suddenly. They may be quite obvious or very subtle. An exam by a physician is the… Read more »

The Year of the Rear

In my practice, 2015 could be called “The Year of the Rear” because buttock procedures have exploded in popularity. Both men and women are having procedures done in higher numbers than ever before. The most commonly requested procedure is known as the Brazilian butt lift. There are a handful of high profile celebrities that deny… Read more »

Want to Lose the Double Chin?

A double chin can make you look older and heavier, no matter what your age and weight.  Often, genetics play a big role, as the fat in this area (known as submental fat) may persist, despite efforts to diet and exercise. In the past, the only option to treat this often undesirable feature was surgical,… Read more »

Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It’s what holds our muscles, bones, and tissue intact and also provides a barrier, keeping the bad organisms out and absorbing the good. Skin helps regulate our body temperature by absorbing and releasing heat and helps flush out toxins. Amazingly, skin also regenerates and heals itself. So,… Read more »

Can Botox Make You Happy?

Based on the thousands of patients who receive Botox injections each year, one would think the answer to this simple question must be, “Yes!” Expression of emotions through facial animation is one of the most socially significant of human behaviors. More than a century ago, Charles Darwin, famous for his theory of evolution, wrote The… Read more »