Saving Stressed Skin

We hear it all the time, stress is the leading factor of disease within the body…and the skin is no different. As our largest organ, it’s paramount we learn how to keep damage in check during anxiety-ridden times, especially if your face is the place that’s showing signs of stress. Wrinkles Noticing more fine lines… Read more »

Your Skin Care Regimen

Your regular skin care system may not be the best year-round regime. However, shifting your beauty routine in accordance with the season is something few of us stop to consider. Just as you switch up your wardrobe in concert with the seasons, you should also be rotating your skin care products to protect your complexion… Read more »

Summer Beauty Tips

Use non-comedogenic products. Non-comedogenic beauty products are designed not to clog pores which can lead to irritation and blemishes. This is important to remember for sunscreens, but may impact you more if you moisturize often and are prone to acne – especially in the summer. Hot and humid weather leads to sweat which takes a… Read more »

Optimal Sun Care and Protection

The adverse effects of toxic sunscreens have become a regular conversation in health and wellness magazines, blogs, and other educational forums. Sunscreens that are not specifically marketed as “made with non-toxic ingredients” are toxic. It is important to look at the quality and ingredients of sunscreens, especially for young children who are highly susceptible to… Read more »

Beauty Tips to Remember

Are you often confused when buying beauty products? Do you reach for that product which advertises the most therefore capturing your attention? Or, do you head to the counters to buy the secret potion that a friend recommended while sharing that her wrinkles had disappeared overnight? Whatever reason motivates your beauty purchase or anti-aging investment,… Read more »

Restoring Change from Time and Childbirth

The use of radiofrequency technology for medical and cosmetic procedures has become a popular and effective choice for both medical offices and consumers. According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the non-invasive, electric current technology is proven to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and scarring, smooth surfaces and stimulate collagen production.1 That same technology is… Read more »

Is Sunscreen Safe?

When the weather gets hot, conversations with patients often turn to which sunscreen is best and whether it’s always necessary. I am even asked if sunscreens can cause – or prevent – cancer.  This may be a surprising question given public awareness regarding the danger of solar radiation and the growth of the sunscreen industry,… Read more »

The Lips Speak Volumes

Lips speak to people – literally and figuratively. Even when someone isn’t talking, a down-turned corner of the mouth says, “I disapprove. I’m sad. I’m angry.” That’s not so bad if you are expressing sadness, anger or disapproval, but what if you aren’t? Lips can betray you and say something that isn’t true or correct.… Read more »

Scar-less Skin Cancer Removal

Skin cancers, including basal cell cancers and squamous cell cancers, are the most common cancers in the United States, affecting more than 4 million Americans every year. Skin cancers are over two times more common than all other cancers combined. They are also increasing faster than all other cancers combined. Every 10 seconds an American… Read more »