Guidelines to Your “Perfect Diet”

We would all love to find a convenient way to follow the “perfect diet,” after we figure out what that actually looks like. Many studies agreed on the same healthy diet philosophy. The most popular was published in 2014 by Yale University and identified ‘the best human diet for health’ was to simply eat whole… Read more »

Beauty Tips to Remember

Are you often confused when buying beauty products? Do you reach for that product which advertises the most therefore capturing your attention? Or, do you head to the counters to buy the secret potion that a friend recommended while sharing that her wrinkles had disappeared overnight? Whatever reason motivates your beauty purchase or anti-aging investment,… Read more »

Golf Technology and Fitness: Bridging the Gap

Over the past 30 years, many gimmicks have hit the golf market all promising to increase your swing speed and efficiency off the tee. Likewise, in the golf fitness industry, there have been many advances to get your body in great shape and reduce your chances of injury on the course. The problem has been… Read more »

Free Chair Yoga Offered in Palm Desert

Bikram Yoga Plus Coachella Valley is offering free chair yoga classes to low-income seniors, 65 years and older. Seniors seeking to increase their mobility and positive outlook on life are encouraged to attend classes at the Palm Desert studio. No prior yoga or exercise experience is necessary. Chair yoga classes are offered on Wednesdays and… Read more »