What is TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can resolve many health issues. Reflecting Chinese insight and ingenuity, it has been used effectively and without harmful side effects for thousands of years to cure ailments, support healing, increase energy and promote general well- being. TCM is based on the concept of Qi (pronounced ‘chea’), which literally means “breath” or… Read more »

Managing Menopause Naturally

Menopause is a subject on which there are many views and opinions, and it is experienced in just as many ways. Fortunately, there are many simple steps and natural remedies you can take to help relieve the myriad of symptoms you may face. The average age of menopause is around 52, but peri-menopause can begin… Read more »

What Is A Breast MRI?

Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is an extremely helpful, non-invasive imaging tool used to evaluate mammographic abnormalities and identify early breast cancer, especially in women at high risk. An MRI does not involve radiation exposure and does not replace screening mammography. Instead it provides a powerful supplementary tool for detecting and staging breast cancer. What… Read more »

The Many Benefits of Strength Training

I have many clients who come to me wanting to lose weight quickly but don’t know how. They’ve tried dieting, aerobic exercise, even many of the fad exercise weight loss programs seen on TV. Nothing seems to work. What is often overlooked is that in order to lose weight, you need to challenge your muscle,… Read more »

How Women Differ from Men, Financially Speaking

We all know men and women are different in some fundamental ways. But is this true when it comes to financial planning? In a word, yes. On the path to financial security, it’s important for women to understand what they might be up against. Here are some simple steps to consider: Take control of your… Read more »

DESERT HEALTHCARE DISTRICT: Funding Programs that Improve Local Health Care Services

Inspired by the federal government’s Healthy People 2010 program, which encourages fitness and disease prevention, the Desert Healthcare District built The Wellness Park at the corner of Via Miraleste and Tachevah Road in Palm Springs. The beautiful 5-acre park offers a quarter-mile walking/jogging loop with drinking fountains and benches at regular intervals, five exercise/fitness stations,… Read more »

What’s Better: Saving or Paying Down Debt?

The Great Recession has drilled home a lesson many people seemed to have forgotten: debt can be dangerous to your financial health. For those who lost their jobs and ran out of savings, it was a lesson relearned the hard way. But for those who have managed to hang on–or had low levels of debt… Read more »

Furry Friends for Seniors

I recently adopted an adorable furry friend from the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. While there I discovered they now have several programs for seniors interested in fostering or adopting cats and dogs. Studies have shown that pets can be very therapeutic and the shelter’s philosophy is, “we want anyone who truly wants a pet to… Read more »

George Adolph

Time Flies with George Adolph

Attitude determines how we manage the challenges of advancing age. It is an outlook that creates a posture in life. It deepens as time goes by and is manmade; not a gift of nature. Attitude is earned by honestly analyzing our reactions to people and events. This can teach us where and how we need… Read more »

Stroke and Brain Injury Recovery Years of improvement can occur with targeted therapies and dedication

Throughout most of the twentieth century, neuroscientists believed that the brain was a static organ which reached its potential for establishing new pathways during early childhood. With advances in science, this theory has changed. ‘Neuroplasticity’ refers to the brain’s ability to form new pathways throughout life in response to changes in behavior and the environment.… Read more »

CVHS Students Aspire to be Medical Professionals

“Why do I need to know that,” Jasmine spurts out – even before I could summarize the informational articles for rhetorical persuasion lesson. “Well,” I attempt to patiently return, “if you can’t persuade people of what you want, you probably won’t get it.” This seems to work; there’s some moderate buy-in. Following a flurry of… Read more »

Nature’s Path to Wellness Event Comes to Westfield Palm Desert

Nature’s Path to Wellness Health Fair is coming to the Westfield Palm Desert Saturday, September 21st and Sunday, the 22nd. This first annual fair is produced by Bette King Productions (CanadaFest) and presented by Global Health Technologies, Inc. This free event will present a variety of products and services for natural health and wellness, as… Read more »