Helping the Body Heal Naturally

The growth of regenerative medicine now offers patients a variety of less invasive treatment options to joint surgery, replacement and pain management.  The basic principle of regenerative medicine uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair damaged tissues. The field includes injectables, patches, traditional Chinese medicine techniques and electronic stimuli equipment to name a few.… Read more »

Are You Eating Your Healthy Fats?

The controversy over dietary fats began in the 1940s when research started to link high cholesterol with heart disease. High dietary fat was blamed for high cholesterol, and many people avoided all fatty foods – even those that are health-promoting – for decades.  We now understand the relationship between dietary fat intake and cardiovascular disease… Read more »

A Secret to Beautiful Winter Skin

Oh, baby, it’s cold outside! You can feel it – and often see it – on your skin. So, tonight, plan something soothing and rehydrating for yourself…take a relaxing olive oil bath. Yes, many generations have known the secret to beautiful winter skin can be found in your kitchen. How intriguing is that?  Often, secrets… Read more »

Technology Can Help Reduce Isolation Among Seniors

One thing experts do agree on is that technology is changing the way we’re interacting socially.  Technology can be a very effective tool in reducing social isolation, especially among senior citizens, by enhancing communication and connectivity between friends, family and caregivers. Research shows belonging to social groups and networks is just as important a predictor… Read more »

Getting Every Body Moving

There is a new non-profit in the Coachella Valley serving all of Riverside County by offering wellness and sport opportunities for those with disabilities. Palms to Pines Parasports (PPP) was founded in June of last year with the purpose of providing competitive and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities while instilling a lifelong passion for… Read more »

Keep Moving for Immunity

These are trying times, not just for Americans but for the entire world.  Since the first outbreak was announced in February of last year, many businesses have been shut down, and fear and uncertainty have placed millions at home, affecting most people’s mental, emotional, financial and physical health. With many gyms compromised or closed right… Read more »

Salty Solutions

Making healthier choices doesn’t mean giving up everything you love and crave; it’s about finding satisfying, convenient alternatives and getting creative! In this new column, I’ll share ideas and favorites. Today’s topic: SALTY SOLUTIONS Who doesn’t love salt? We know it’s something to be consumed in moderation, but we all crave it, and unfortunately, the… Read more »

Healthy Chocolate Brownies

These brownies from Brenda Bennett of are Lauren’s favorites. (Mom makes them for her all the time!) These gooey, tasty chocolatey delights are simple to make and especially good with So Delicious vanilla bean coconut milk non-dairy frozen dessert. They are so healthy, you can even have them for breakfast! Prep Time: 10 minutes… Read more »

Simple Spiced Scottish Porridge

Many of us are welcoming the New Year with new lifestyle and eating habits. Personally, I believe it’s time to clear my digestive tract and flush out those accumulated pandemic and holiday toxins. Over the holidays, I indulged in hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners, so it is time to simplify my morning routine.  If you’re… Read more »

Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

It’s a new year and time to press the reset button! I believe that we’re all more than ready to begin 2021 with a clean slate and hope for a better tomorrow. The past year has been challenging for all of us (good riddance 2020!), and nourishing ourselves through the difficult times is absolutely critical.… Read more »

The Parent Trap

Hello, 2021! Boy, are we glad to see you. However, with an unbelievable year behind us, many are still faced with the repercussions of the extraordinary events in 2020; pointedly, the need for families to move in together. Whether you are a recent college graduate or a full household, moving home takes on a whole… Read more »

The Gift of Estate Planning

In researching my book, Leaving Life, I discovered that the lack of proper estate planning is somewhat of an epidemic within the baby-boomer generation. The result of not preparing a proper will or living trust can lead to heirs, partners and children fighting over assets or possessions. Irreparable relationships are often the byproduct of settling… Read more »


Are you looking to make 2021 one of your best years ever? Then the 2nd Annual CW3 CONFIDENCE Women + Wealth + Wellness Summit is for you.  Taking place on January 21, 2021, the CW3 Summit is centered on seven keys of financial wellness and seven principles of self-care. This year’s event will be coming… Read more »