The Effect of Resonance

What exactly is resonance? You may be familiar with a demonstration that features a vocalist singing a particular note where upon a crystal wine glass breaks into pieces. What actually happens is that the atoms in the glass begin vibrating at a frequency identical to the frequency of the note sung by the vocalist. This… Read more »

Fibromyalgia: Calming the Storm

A client recently described fibromyalgia as “widespread pain throughout my body which feels like my nerves are on fire.” She further stated, “Myofascial release seems to send a message to my nervous system that says, ‘You are safe.’” Fibromyalgia is a chronic, debilitating condition that affects approximately four million adults per year. It is more… Read more »

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and worldwide. While heart disease may be asymptomatic until a heart attack strikes, there is often an early warning sign that shouldn’t be ignored—elevated blood pressure. Blood pressure consists of two numbers. The first is called systolic blood pressure, which measures the amount… Read more »

Living Life with Intention

We all have the ability to create the life we wish through the words we speak, the emotions we feel and the energy we put into them. That energy can be spearheaded by intentions —affirmative statements of what you would like to experience in life. Whereas goals are specific things you wish to achieve, intentions… Read more »

Harmony vs. Balance

Do you find yourself looking for “balance” in your life? What is it that our spirit truly seeks in this ongoing desire? Whenever I hear someone say, “I need to find balance in my life,” I can sense the dampening of passion within their spirit. The Oxford definition for balance (as a noun) is “an… Read more »

A Real Broken Heart

Chest pain and shortness of breath should always be taken seriously. These symptoms can signal a heart attack, but they can also be signs of something less sinister—a broken heart. We usually use the term “broken heart” to describe one’s state of mind after a romantic breakup, but there is a medically-recognized condition by the… Read more »

From Languishing to Living Inspired

Languishing was noted as the emotion of the year in 2021 by the New York Times. Emotions related to languishing are associated with feeling a sense of emptiness. Welcoming 2022, I felt a sense of futility.  The moment the year started it was flu season, coupled with the Omicron virus. In the peak of our… Read more »

Pregnancy Dreams in Men: Symbolic Change?

Male pregnancy dreams are becoming more common. What can they mean? “I dreamed I was pregnant!” the male caller exclaimed on my show. “What kind of a dream is that for a man to have?” The dream could be symbolic and have many meanings, including spiritual incubation for the unification of mind, body and spirit… Read more »

Unity + Strength = Peace

It has been said that you cannot unite with other people until you are in unity with yourself. Are you at peace with the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of yourself? Do you find yourself conflicting with the outside world more than you would care to acknowledge? Is your inside world just as… Read more »

How Do You Want to FEEL in 2022?

Welcome 2022! Have you set your resolutions, intentions or goals? Have you done this before and either quit by February (with the other 87 percent of the planet) or completed what you started, yet still felt nothing?  You are not alone – and there is an alternative. About a decade ago, after setting countless resolutions… Read more »


Please Pass the Salt

Is salt good for us or not? The human body cannot live without sodium, but excessive amounts can lead to high blood pressure. Salt is most commonly known for flavoring food, but there are many types and uses that are actually beneficial.  Our body uses salt to balance fluids in the blood and maintain healthy… Read more »

What’s In Your Web?

Fascia is a tough connective tissue which surrounds and permeates all structures in the body including bones, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and internal organs. It resembles a three-dimensional spider web that spreads throughout the body without interruption. Imagine a spider web glistening with morning dew. This is how healthy fascia appears in the body. The… Read more »

Peace on Earth Begins Within

We all grew up relishing the holidays as a time for peace on earth and good will to men. Will those words ring true this year? Will this season deliver the celestial feeling of holidays past; the assuring sense, as we gather with family and friends, that all will be okay? Often at annual gatherings,… Read more »