The Elemental Structure of Humans and Earth

Have you ever stopped to think how much the composition of the human body and planet earth are the same? This realization gives deeper meaning to the phrase “you are what you eat.” Fruits and vegetables grown in earth’s bountiful soil are merely the method of delivering the many elements, minerals and microbes our bodies… Read more »

Naturopathic Medical Residencies

Naturopathic doctors are trained at four-year, post-graduate, accredited medical institutions. In addition to a standard medical curriculum, a naturopathic doctor (ND) is required to complete four years of training in holistic and nontoxic approaches to treatment with a strong emphasis on disease prevention, such as nutrition and lifestyle modifications and in-depth lab testing and diagnosis. … Read more »

Holiday Dreams of Sugar Plum Fairies

It is the holiday season once again. How might visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in our dreams during a blinding snowstorm be a healthy omen? Are gifts beneath an evergreen tree covered in icicles a precognitive message? And, what could the colors red, blue and green mean in your dream?  Dreams are often our… Read more »

Are you doing OK?

When was the last time you stopped – really stopped – and asked yourself this question? The true answer doesn’t come from aching body parts or overwhelmed brain chatter. It is found when you become still, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and reach deep inside to ask, “Hey there, how are… Read more »

Hiking for the Health of It

We all know hiking is good for you. It’s an aerobic exercise that gets you moving out in nature. But the benefits to mind, body and soul go much deeper; deeper than you could ever imagine until you read Hiking! The Ultimate Prescription for Health and Wellness by Palm Springs residents Philip Ferranti and Cecilia… Read more »

The Missing Link

Most of us take vitamin supplements, but what about minerals? Minerals are natural organic matter created over time and found in the earth’s many elements. Before commercial farming, nutrient-dense minerals were plentiful in our soil and the foods we ate. Today’s fruits and vegetables are often void of these substances due to depleted soils, thus,… Read more »

Change Begins with Questions

Years ago, my older brother had type 2 diabetes which he managed with insulin injections. Eventually his kidneys failed, and after five years of dialysis and multiple secondary complications, he passed.  When my brother first told me he had diabetes, it scared me. I knew how it could end and that I was also at… Read more »

Spice Rack Medicine: Turmeric

With the “Food as Medicine” conference in town this September, I thought it fitting to spotlight one of the healthiest spices around, turmeric. Turmeric has climbed the spice ladder and is one of the latest crazes in food stardom. This fame is well deserved, from its sacred color to its long list of health benefits.… Read more »

LOVE Your Wellness Routine

Whether you have never had a wellness routine or have just been side tracked, the fall season is always a great time to begin anew or begin again. With so many options and opportunities for wellness, it can get confusing and overwhelming which then leads to procrastination or feeling stuck. So, here are some tried-and-tested… Read more »

Treating Tingling and Numbness

A close family friend has been suffering from a progressive condition that effects more than 22 million Americans each year.1 It started with a tingling sensation in his toes that was relieved by simply shaking his feet for a minute or so. Over time, the tingling grew more constant becoming an unwanted companion throughout the… Read more »

Yoga for Recovery

Yoga has long been used to help people look within and strengthen mind, body and spirit. Now, the practice is increasingly being used in addiction recovery to help clients reconnect with themselves.  In fact, in 2002, trauma-informed or trauma-sensitive yoga was introduced within the industry to help build resilience by connecting students to inner resources,… Read more »

Beautiful composition with jar of hemp lotion on wooden background

Less Pain for Cancer Patients

A study published this year in Frontiers in Pain Research demonstrated that cancer patients who use medical marijuana may experience less pain, reduced symptoms and a better quality of life. Study participants were also able to rely less on opioid painkillers with minimal side effects, according to the study’s Israeli researchers hailing from both medical… Read more »

yellow emoji face embracing a heart

Are You Ready to Receive?

How comfortable are you with receiving compliments, recognition, gifts, abundance, love? Do you sometimes feel that rejection is more comfortable than being accepted? Marianne Williams states, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” For many, the act of receiving is difficult,… Read more »

There’s a Song in Your Heart

Songwriting can be one of our better “stay young” pills because it stimulates wellness, mindfulness, and neuroplasticity through more vibrant mental acuity. The act is simply the ability to hear and create music, to append lyrics, and record, recite or joyfully play them in a pleasing manner for friendly audiences appreciative of our creative effort. … Read more »

Living Beyond Impulsive Thinking

There are many factors that contribute to our impulsive thoughts and reactions. It can be as simple as a single intrusive thought to which we give power. When this happens, some can easily overcome and let go, while others may find it impossible to do so.   For those who find it impossible, these thoughts… Read more »

Do You Know Your Qi?

Most people understand qi (chi) to be “oxygen creating life force energy,” or simply breath. But did you know there are many types of qi that help our body function properly? Knowing how they work helps traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, and each of us, correlate symptoms with deficiencies. In traditional Chinese medicine, radiant health… Read more »