Raja Yoga: Yoga for Mental Development

There are many ways that practitioners of yoga think about their practice. The term Hatha Yoga has been associated with physical training. Raja Yoga (also known as Royal Yoga) in contrast, has been associated with mental training by a variety of means. In practice, the two are inextricably bound. Anything one does is profoundly affected… Read more »

The Virgin Crusade

There is something special about Palm Desert resident JJ Virgin. She appears to be the girl next door all the boys adored (tall, blonde, athletic build); yet, the inquisitive tomboy who could play and explore with the best of them. In high school, she studied ballet while weight training with the football team. Virgin’s passion,… Read more »

Evidence Based Movement

Obesity rates in America are among the highest in the world.  Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer are household conditions for most. The sedentary, under-slept, over-stressed, ever-indulgent lifestyle has become “The American Way.”  And never before have we so needed a new relationship with exercise! Research now offers a new twist on an old favorite causing… Read more »

Why Eat Raw Foods?

Everyone knows it’s healthy to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. But did you know that when you prepare fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients without cooking or processing, you preserve the maximum nutrition in these foods? This is the concept of consuming “raw foods”; simply put, eating natural food that is unprocessed, unrefined, and… Read more »

Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga

Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk, is traditionally credited with introducing yoga to China in the 5th/6th century. He noted that the Shaolin monks were in poor physical health from sitting and meditating all day and needed to incorporate movement in their meditations for physical, as well as mental, well-being.  Coming from the Indian subcontinent, he was… Read more »

The Body Deli Launches The Palm Springs Spa Collection

We love local! So when our friends at The Body Deli announced that they were launching the Palm Springs Spa Collection, we had to help spread the word. Products like these, inspired by the Palm Springs lifestyle and made with local, organic ingredients like grapefruit and dates, promote the best our Valley has to offer… Read more »

Hip Emotions

Early in my yoga teaching career a student approached me after class with tears cascading down her face. My natural instinct was concern. She wrapped her arms around me and thanked me for a wonderful experience. With ambiguous feelings and trepidation, she shared her feelings as to why she was crying. We had performed several… Read more »

Sciatica: Causes and Treatments

The painful and irritating condition we commonly call “sciatica” is also known as sciatic neuritis, sciatic neuralgia, or lumbar radiculopathy. It involves one of five spinal nerve roots of the sciatic nerve which is the longest and widest single nerve in the body.  It begins in the lumbar spine (lower back) from the spinal nerves… Read more »

certified organic ingredients

Why Not Organic?

Lately I’ve noticed people turning up their nose at organic products and foods. Some seem downright annoyed. I overheard a woman at the drugstore plainly tell the clerk who was attempting to share the benefits of their new organic sunscreen, “I don’t need organic; I’m over it!” I found that incredibly interesting and had to… Read more »

What is TCM?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can resolve many health issues. Reflecting Chinese insight and ingenuity, it has been used effectively and without harmful side effects for thousands of years to cure ailments, support healing, increase energy and promote general well- being. TCM is based on the concept of Qi (pronounced ‘chea’), which literally means “breath” or… Read more »

Is Being Organized Healthy?

People often ask me how I can teach them to be organized. You can learn to be organized, but to a great extent, you have to want to make changes in how you think about your life in an organized manner. Organizational changes don’t happen overnight, but it is possible to create systems that work… Read more »

Healthy Muscle Mass Key to Long-Term Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most recommended lifestyle changes to improve health.  When losing weight, most people hope to simply shed fat; however, most will lose weight by decreasing both fat and muscle mass, which is not always good. The manner in which one loses weight is critical for long-term health, and research now… Read more »

Cutting Edge Technologies and the Mind: ‘Well Use the Moment’

Last month’s discussion of meditation began with ‘Simply Pause’… Now, I suggest again, Simply Pause but also…Well Use the Moment. As we Simply Pause, it becomes apparent that more information is always at hand than we can possibly take into account. As we pause, it becomes possible to milk the moment for all it’s worth… Read more »

The Science Behind Chiropractic

In this modern “hi tech” world, chiropractic is decidedly “low-tech” in nature. Based on manual manipulations and founded over 100 years ago, studies to support its effectiveness have been slow to surface. Fortunately, numerous scientific studies over the past 25 years have established chiropractic to be an evidence-based modality. These studies have found the practice… Read more »

We ARE Making a Difference

In our November/December 2012 issue, we wrote about Jayne Robertson and her commitment to contribute to a worthwhile cause. Her journey began over a year ago when she undertook the Global Seva Challenge, a fundraising effort as part of Off The Mat, Into The World (OTM), a yoga based non-profit in San Francisco. Each year,… Read more »