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The Nonchalance of Common Rights

As a teacher of multicultural English literature in a high school California Partnership Academy, we explore topics relative to mental health, public safety and current events, including health care and social justice. In the past year, notwithstanding the pandemic, civil rights were an inescapable topic of discussion for my sophomore students. The 2020-21 school year… Read more »

Diagnostic Dreams and Your Health

What do dreams, drawings and Dr. Oz have in common? The short answer is health. The longer answer is health, healing, the diagnosis of life-threatening illnesses, research by Drs. Larry Burk and Bernie Siegel, and the Dr. Oz Show: The Sixth Sense — Shocking Premonitions (Jan. 28, 2017) about lifesaving precognitive dreams.  After two recent… Read more »

Studies Support Tips for Reducing Dementia Risks

The release of the 2020 report of The Lancet Commission published findings suggesting “untreated hearing loss in midlife as the largest modifiable risk factor” for dementia prevention, intervention and care.1 According to Denis Hampton, PhD, approximately 50 million people worldwide live with dementia. The Lancet Commission research team has projected this alarming number will increase… Read more »

“Help! The Room is Spinning!”

You’re feeling dizzy. Do quick movements of your head or bending over increase your dizziness? How about looking up? Does turning over or getting in and out of bed cause things to spin more? According to a standardized test known as the Dizziness Handicap Inventory, answering yes to some or all of these questions is… Read more »

Need Help Getting Your Vaccine?

With information on COVID-19 vaccinations ever-changing, securing an appointment can be challenging for many — especially those with a lack of internet access or technology. Fortunately, there is a new volunteer organization called VAXIE (Vaccinate Inland Empire)  working to connect residents with vaccination resources in the Inland Empire.  To date, VAXIE has booked over 2,200… Read more »

Reconditioning from Lockdown Deconditioning

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no one unaffected. As of April 15, 2021, there have been over 31,200,000 cases in the United States1. The good news is many metrics, including the rate of vaccination, are improving in the US1. However, we will feel the lingering effects of the pandemic for a long while. Many who… Read more »

A Conservative Treatment Approach

Most people try to avoid surgery or aggressive treatment if possible. Conservative care, which may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, exercise therapy, nutritional counseling, chiropractic, talk therapy, home management and over-the-counter medications, offers less invasive options and may be beneficial as a starting point or in conjunction with more aggressive treatment plans.   Conservative care… Read more »

Grief is Like Glitter

First, you fall in love. Then you decide to adopt that adorable cat, dog, parrot, rabbit. So you set off together, learning to adapt to each other’s expectations. Life is fun. Life is fuller. Your pet cheers you up in ways you never imagined possible. You catch yourself speaking in funny voices. You both grow… Read more »

Who is Your Health Advocate?

What is a patient care manager or advocate? Webster’s Dictionary defines advocate as “one who pleads for another’s cause,” and a manager is defined as “to direct or carry on business.”  Using these definitions, it is easy to see how a patient advocate/manager would be a great help to individuals needing to navigate our medical… Read more »

Lasers Light the Way in Dentistry

Imagine being able to go to the dentist and not having to be numbed up or hear the sound of the drill. This scenario has become a reality with the advancements in dental lasers. Lasers can make many dental procedures much more comfortable and less invasive than traditional methods. There are multiple types of lasers… Read more »

Relieving Stress and Depression Post-COVID

Not surprisingly, mental health providers cite a marked increase in clients reporting depression, anxiety and stress during COVID-19. The pandemic has affected many of us in ways we have never experienced before.  From being fearful of getting the virus, caring for someone who has COVID or other conditions such as dementia, being isolated at home,… Read more »

Pebbles in Your Stream

Now more than ever, people are suffering from anxiety. In a time when our normal routine has been turned upside down and the ways in which we typically process our experiences (community, exercise, being outdoors, etc.) are less accessible, this makes complete sense.  Let’s zoom out and discuss the perspective that makes up our experiences… Read more »

We Hope in Color

HOPE & FAITH for the Future

HOPE. This word has been in my heart since I heard a song at Sunday school as a young child. Growing up through the years, HOPE was something I said and heard many times, especially when people were sick. Throughout life, HOPE became something I said when I wanted a certain outcome to happen.  If… Read more »

Calming Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As COVID-19 has shifted the world of work and school toward technology, many Americans find themselves on the computer all day and night. Excessive use of the computer mouse and keyboard can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), one of the most common nerve disorders across America affecting approximately 3–6 percent of all adults. Luckily,… Read more »

Peripheral Artery Disease

Picture yourself driving down the highway on a sunny afternoon, when all of a sudden, a sea of brake lights appears in front of you: a traffic jam! This slowdown is something most of us Southern Californians experience regularly. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is like a traffic jam; however, it takes place in our arteries.… Read more »