Pebbles in Your Stream

Now more than ever, people are suffering from anxiety. In a time when our normal routine has been turned upside down and the ways in which we typically process our experiences (community, exercise, being outdoors, etc.) are less accessible, this makes complete sense.  Let’s zoom out and discuss the perspective that makes up our experiences… Read more »

We Hope in Color

HOPE & FAITH for the Future

HOPE. This word has been in my heart since I heard a song at Sunday school as a young child. Growing up through the years, HOPE was something I said and heard many times, especially when people were sick. Throughout life, HOPE became something I said when I wanted a certain outcome to happen.  If… Read more »

Calming Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

As COVID-19 has shifted the world of work and school toward technology, many Americans find themselves on the computer all day and night. Excessive use of the computer mouse and keyboard can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), one of the most common nerve disorders across America affecting approximately 3–6 percent of all adults. Luckily,… Read more »

Peripheral Artery Disease

Picture yourself driving down the highway on a sunny afternoon, when all of a sudden, a sea of brake lights appears in front of you: a traffic jam! This slowdown is something most of us Southern Californians experience regularly. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is like a traffic jam; however, it takes place in our arteries.… Read more »

The Therapeutic Use of Light

Light therapy, which is now referred to as photomedicine, has been utilized in ancient civilizations for over 3,000 years. One of the latest advancements is photodynamic therapy (PDT) which combines laser light with a photosensitizing agent (topical, oral or IV drug or supplement) to prepare the treatment area for greater light penetration. It was first… Read more »

How Are You Sleeping These Days?

If there were ever an event that could throw us completely off track, it’s a pandemic. A once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that we can only hope will soon be over! Thankfully, the COVID vaccine is providing that light at the end of a long and distressing tunnel. We will get through this and enjoy life again. Perhaps… Read more »

When You Can’t Shoulder the Pain

It’s starting to get warmer again, and James and his wife have been active enjoying the outdoors. Over the past few weeks, they have been playing pickleball, swimming laps in their pool and taking walks. Life is great, but he has noticed increasing pain in his right shoulder and doesn’t know what to do. James… Read more »

No ‘COVID Break’ for Gum Disease

We are about a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, and our lives have changed in many ways. As a dentist, we, like many other professions, have had to change the way we operate to help keep our patients and employees safe.  At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a high level of concern about… Read more »

Avoid Heart Break with a Cardiac CTA

If you were to ask me, “What one imaging study should I have performed to check on my overall health?” I would, without hesitation, answer a computed tomographic angiogram (CTA) of your coronary arteries. To me, the reason why is glaringly obvious. Heart disease is the number one cause of health complications, expense and death… Read more »

New Developments in Eczema Treatment

The itch of eczema is maddening. It’s an old disease we are continually learning more about. Many consider it an autoimmune disease; others say it is caused by a defective skin barrier. Which came first? Or perhaps they are two different aspects of the disease process.  Since the 1950s, topical steroid creams have been the… Read more »

Finding Grace

A while back, between stay-at-home orders, something happened that hadn’t happened in several months. We paid an in-person visit to my mother. She has dementia and is living in a small care facility 15 minutes from where we live. She receives excellent care and has been kept safe during the pandemic, where she is one… Read more »

A Nurse’s Plea

The American Nurses Association deemed 2020 “The Year of the Nurse,” and as the global pandemic continues, nurses and other medical responders continue to be at the forefront of this crisis.  As a nurse working on the COVID floor at a local Coachella Valley hospital, my colleagues and I experience firsthand the drastic effects COVID… Read more »

The Rise in Dementia Disease

Dementia, one of the most debilitating diseases of humankind, is increasing in global prevalence with over 50 million patients.1-3 Dementia is a general term that describes the loss of cognitive ability, social functioning, and memory. There are many disease states that cause dementia representing divergent pathophysiologies, which are complex, multifactorial, ever-changing and not fully characterized. … Read more »

Shay’s Story

Navigating Life

I’ve been having a hard time finding the right words for this column because, like everyone else, I am struggling to understand life right now. Everything in my struggle tells me to tell you, “Keep holding on to faith. Faith over fear. Live in love. Watch your words because you can unknowingly hurt someone. Life… Read more »

Vaccinations: Winning Faith, Trust and Credibility

The possibility of control and eradication of the current global pandemic of coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) is now a distinct reality because of two promising vaccines that have shown safe and effective performance in preventing 95 percent of infections in preliminary data of phase 3 trials. How will these vaccines work? Vaccination prepares the human immune system… Read more »

Elbowing Out Epicondylitis

If you like to play golf, the Coachella Valley is the right place for you. With over 100 golf courses in the Coachella Valley area, it is considered a golfer’s paradise. Tennis also happens to be a popular sport in the region.  What do players of these two sports have in common? They are both… Read more »