Nightmares: Gifts in Disguise

It is easy to forget a sweet dream, but a frightening nightmare can last a lifetime. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your nightmares are a gift in disguise? Finding that hidden nugget of gold they are trying to tell us can often stop the nightmare forever. If you have had a nightmare… Read more »

FDA Controversy Over NAC Supplement

Cysteine is an amino acid your body uses to create collagen, the major type of protein in connective tissue. Besides building your hair, skin and nails, cysteine helps convert glucose to energy and is a component of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. Cysteine is classified as “conditionally essential,” meaning your cells can create it if other… Read more »

Outdoor Adventure Life Preservers

On May 22 of this year, in the Gansu province of China, 21 ultra-marathoners got caught in a freak storm that took many by surprise.  These runners, who were at the top of their field, were pelted with rain and hail and experienced freezing temperatures while being swept up and over cliffs by wind that… Read more »

The Powerful Benefits of NAD+

Youthfulness and longevity is the ultimate health goal, right? It’s no wonder anti-aging supplements and products are popping up everywhere. We all strive to feel and look amazing, but many of these marketed products aren’t backed by scientific research and can potentially be a waste of money. One product that many naturopathic and functional medicine… Read more »

stay hydrated

How Do You Hydrate?

When we think about living a healthy life, we all know drinking water is essential. With so many healthy hydration options out there today, how do we know what is actually helping us? Here’s the low-down. Let’s start with alkaline pH water. pH refers to the level of acidity and ranges from 0 (most acidic)… Read more »

Reducing Stress through Energy Healing

Everything consists of energy, including our bodies — physics tells us that. Chronic stress, unresolved emotions, negative thoughts, injuries and pain are all things that impact your energy. They affect how you interact with others, how you feel about yourself and your overall well-being. Reiki is powerful healing energy within us that can help us… Read more »

Eat to Beat Depression and Anxiety

Drew Ramsey, MD, a psychiatrist in New York who lives on a family farm in Indiana, introduced me to nutritional psychiatry. I did not realize such psychiatrists existed; it turns out they have international meetings. Leading the way is psychiatrist Daniel Amen, MD, who has authored over 30 books and established more than 7,000 clinics.… Read more »

The Case for a Low-Carb, Healthy-Fat Diet

To my knowledge, no one knows nutrition history better than Gary Taubes. As a science writer, he has been studying the subject matter full time for over 25 years. Taubes helped launch the modern low-carbohydrate healthy fat understanding with his 2002 cover article in the New York Times Magazine entitled “What If It’s All Been… Read more »

Helping the Body Heal Naturally

The growth of regenerative medicine now offers patients a variety of less invasive treatment options to joint surgery, replacement and pain management.  The basic principle of regenerative medicine uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to repair damaged tissues. The field includes injectables, patches, traditional Chinese medicine techniques and electronic stimuli equipment to name a few.… Read more »

Are You Eating Your Healthy Fats?

The controversy over dietary fats began in the 1940s when research started to link high cholesterol with heart disease. High dietary fat was blamed for high cholesterol, and many people avoided all fatty foods – even those that are health-promoting – for decades.  We now understand the relationship between dietary fat intake and cardiovascular disease… Read more »

What to Get Someone Who has Everything? The Gift of Longevity

With the upcoming gift-giving season, we can remember that longevity is a gift we can give ourselves every day, not just for the holidays. We all have a genetic blueprint in our DNA, which indicates whether we might have a tendency for chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, fibromyalgia, dementia and arthritis.  The thing about… Read more »