Summer Grooves

The dog days of summer are upon us as we have just passed the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere. What this means for us year-round desert rats is long hours of daylight, soaring temperatures, fewer crowds and open roads. Just as winter draws people into hibernation, our summer does something quite similar. We… Read more »

100,000 Mile Check-Up

We may take better care with our car tires than our feet. We rotate the tires regularly; we switch them out with uneven wear and also replace them at a certain mileage. For the average adult, the 100,000 milestone for the feet comes around the age of 50, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. … Read more »

Medicare: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good news is…you have made it to 65 years young. Happy Birthday! The bad news is…you will start receiving mail regarding Medicare approximately 8 months before you get to blow out the candles. Some of the mail is from the Social Security Administration; however, most of it is from insurance companies and insurance agents.… Read more »

Stress Buster Smoothie

With all going on these days, we thought we’d bring back this yummy, stress-reducing recipe from Dipika Patel, CHHC….Easy to make and even easier to enjoy! Stress can be silent, but deadly. I have seen it ruin many lives, relationships, businesses, families, health and much more. It can destroy civilizations; you see it in our… Read more »

Fruit Makes It Fancy

As July temperatures spike into the 100-teens, we desert dwellers emerge into baking parking lots and remember the importance of hydration. Most year-round residents have a lukewarm bottle of water rolling around under car seats and a liquid-bearing vessel on our desk at work; yet, many of us walk around in a perpetual state of… Read more »

Do You Zoodle?

One of the best gifts I ever received was my spiralizer. It is the perfect kitchen tool for turning zucchini into noodles, or “zoodles.” These colorful creations from carrots, yellow squash, zucchini and the like can be added to salads, side dishes and of course, to make an ideal pasta substitute for those of us… Read more »

Summer Beauty Tips

Use non-comedogenic products. Non-comedogenic beauty products are designed not to clog pores which can lead to irritation and blemishes. This is important to remember for sunscreens, but may impact you more if you moisturize often and are prone to acne – especially in the summer. Hot and humid weather leads to sweat which takes a… Read more »

Welcome to the 21st Century

At no period in history have we experienced the galactic environmental and social changes of today. It is a natural consequence of our evolution. The times are fascinating and challenging. It is not surprising we can feel lost, stressed, and out of date. The speed of technology, access to knowledge, and instant communication are measured… Read more »

Local Teens Selected for First Tee® Nationals

Two local teens from the First Tee® of the Coachella Valley were selected among hundreds of applicants to attend the organization’s national events. Dana Condon (17) of Palm Desert and Caroline Wales (14) of La Quinta will join more than 90 junior golfers (ages 14 – 17) from across the country at The First Tee®… Read more »

Choosing the Right Exercise Program for Fall Prevention

When we were kids, it seemed like there was nothing we couldn’t do, from climbing walls, to jumping off roofs, skateboarding on handrails, and even skiing down double black diamonds. Then it happens, age sets in; it’s twenty years later and while stepping down off a tall ladder, you miss a step and down you… Read more »