Why You Should Keep Eating Coconut Oil

You’re on board with the modern movement towards a healthier lifestyle. You pride yourself on eating clean and thrive on fresh vegetables and quality protein. You exercise and limit your intake of sugar, carbs, and grains. You eat plenty of healthy fats like avocados and nuts, and use coconut oil as your go-to for cooking,… Read more »

Oh, What a Night! 2017 Wellness Awards

The third annual Desert Health® Wellness Awards once again united the valley’s doctors, health practitioners and health enthusiasts in an evening of celebration, education and recognition. The sellout event began with an outdoor reception and dinner followed by guest speaker Joseph Scherger, MD, vice president of primary care for Eisenhower Medical Center and 2016 Integrative… Read more »

Moving Health Forward

First and foremost, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who attended the 2017 Desert Health® Wellness Awards in May. It was a spectacular evening as you will see from the photos. We congratulate this year’s winners and all nominees. Keep up the great work in moving health and wellness forward… Read more »

Increasing Access to Health Care

In the summer of 2015, the newly formed UCR School of Medicine welcomed its first eight family medicine residents. With goals of attracting more doctors to the valley and increasing access to health care, the program is now entering its third year with a total of 24 residents. Has the program helped our community? The… Read more »

Keeping Kids in School through Workplace Experience

At 93.8%, Nebraska boasts the highest graduation rate according to U.S. News & World Report while Florida laments the lowest, at 65.8% (Oct. 2016). California doesn’t make the top ten (at 82%), though so many people want to visit, yet can’t afford to live here. How could California improve its educational rankings, to increase the… Read more »

Treating Whiplash with Physical Therapy

Neck pain after a motor vehicle accident is extremely common, and often results in chronic pain, disability, missed work, and a decreased quality of life.16 The injury is often diagnosed as a whiplash injury which is defined as “an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transferred to the neck that results in a soft tissue injury that… Read more »

What are Dental Implants?

Even though the number of people keeping their teeth longer has increased significantly over the last few decades, it is still common for many people to be missing some or all of their teeth. This can lead to bone loss, esthetic problems, and difficulty chewing. Fortunately, great advances have been made in dentistry to improve… Read more »

Six Pillars of Brain Health

This is the second of a six-part series on brain health from Deborah Schrameck, NC, PT, of the Eisenhower Wellness Institute. Additional articles can be found here. Nan, my grandmother, understood what worked to keep her brain young and healthy. She never had a driver’s license and she made sure she walked, gardened and even danced… Read more »

It Takes Two

One of the most important questions asked by patients when they start a course of treatment is how long the regimen will take and how many sessions they will need to get the relief they seek.  Naturally, this depends on what condition is being treated, whether it is headaches; neck, back, shoulder or foot pain;… Read more »

The Grass Is Always Greener

In your mind’s eye, is the grass greener at times in your neighbor’s backyard? Do you get green with envy thinking about someone else’s car, spouse, partner, wealth, or happiness? I recently observed a holiday called Shavuot, or the giving of the Ten Commandments to the Jewish people on Mount Sinai a mere 3,329 years… Read more »

What is H. Pylori?

Helicobacter pylorus (H. pylori) is a bacterium of the stomach also known as Campylobacter pylori, which can be a factor in the development of ulcers in the stomach. Gastric acids begin to erode the stomach lining causing inflammation and creating an open sore (ulcer). H. pylori infection is a strong risk factor for certain types… Read more »

Living Wellness with Jennifer

Perfectly Imperfect

When I was a young girl my mother worked with pottery.  Glazed bowls and vessels that looked earthy and imperfect adorned countertops.  She stressed the importance of finding imperfect beauty in art and nature.  I vividly remember a time she purchased a vase from an artist while a customer next to us was looking for… Read more »

All Supplements Are Not Created Equal

As of 2016, the dietary supplement industry hit $122 billion and it continues to grow. You can get supplements just about anywhere now, from Amazon and your grocery store, to your pharmacy and doctor’s office. It is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate what you need, if it is safe for you, and if… Read more »

Brain Health Top of Mind

Last month, brain health was top of mind at the annual Institute for Functional Medicine conference. It was discussed that, while it has been a generally accepted scientific fact that the human brain is incapable of growing new brain cells, we now know that brain cells do continue to grow throughout one’s lifetime with the… Read more »

The Microbiome Solution

The Microbiome Solution is not your ordinary diet book. It’s more of an education in how our bodies work and how we can impact them to produce better health. Health expert and author Dr. Robynne Chutkan honed the information she shares in the book through observation, trial and error in her practice as an integrative… Read more »