Jicama or Not to Jicama

I cannot believe I had never tried this vegetable before I came to the USA, and I must say I have tried quite a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables in my time. I know the local folks out here must know this amazing vegetable. Yes, I am talking about the fresh, juicy root vegetable,… Read more »

Leaving a Loving Legacy: Getting Started

Today, two-thirds of women identify themselves as the primary decision-maker in their home. Many of these women are also the breadwinner, earning 62% of the household income.1 If you find yourself among this growing group of women, you play a vital role in managing your family’s finances – from overseeing the household budget, to paying… Read more »

Healthy Workplace, Happy Team Players

Desert Health® Wellness Award winner, HARC (Health Assessment Resource Center), conducted their own awards celebration this year for wellness in the workplace. The first annual Coachella Valley Workplace Wellness Awards took place on June 7 as part of June’s Employee Well-Being Month, a nationally-recognized celebration of wellness in the workplace. Twenty organizations representing a wide… Read more »

Confidence Is Your Key to Success

Are you holding yourself back because of low confidence? Do you spend a lot of time “in your head” worrying, regretting, putting yourself down, and wishing things were different? Do you stop yourself from taking advantage of opportunities and reaching the success of which you know you are capable? Without confidence, you will never venture… Read more »

Time Flies

You have no doubt noticed that we live in chaotic, yet amazingly potent times. Our style and manner of thinking, acting and responding are undergoing a revolution. At no time in history has mankind experienced so many fundamental changes. A shift is underway as we try to function in a climate where everything is increasing… Read more »

Summer and Senior Care

The average adult human body is made up of 0-65% water, averaging around 57-60%. We need fluid for our systems to properly function; while we must all be alert to our hydration practices, older adults and those living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia need special attention. “Organs pull water from the brain, shrinking it and… Read more »

The Science behind Abdominal Training

Summertime is here and a large portion of the population strives to look their best in that new bikini or swim trunks. They work diligently all year to build muscle and confidence to display their fit midriffs. Thousands of crunches, leg raises and V-ups are done daily across the nation, but unfortunately, often to no… Read more »

The Lips Speak Volumes

Lips speak to people – literally and figuratively. Even when someone isn’t talking, a down-turned corner of the mouth says, “I disapprove. I’m sad. I’m angry.” That’s not so bad if you are expressing sadness, anger or disapproval, but what if you aren’t? Lips can betray you and say something that isn’t true or correct.… Read more »

Time To Diet

As you may recall, my most recent article discussed weight gain associated with alcohol intake during menopause (I Need a Drink, Desert Health May/June 2016). While the article was enlightening, writing it did nothing to burn the extra twenty pounds I’ve accumulated through this hormonal roller coaster that is “middle-aged.” So, I found myself faced… Read more »

Breaking the Stigma

While most of us see ourselves as kind, and even compassionate, many people have an almost basic instinct to stigmatize the weaker members of society: the poor; the less intelligent; the mentally ill; the disabled; and those with a chronic disease.  There are varying degrees of this stigmatization, but it seems to be prevalent enough… Read more »