Treating Shingles Naturally

Shingles is a painful skin rash caused by exposure to the herpes-zoster virus. It can also be a reactivation of childhood chickenpox caused by the same virus. Shingles can be a very painful condition and early treatment is essential to reduce long-term discomfort. Of course antiviral medication can be warranted; however, natural therapies are highly… Read more »

Are You Prepared For Medicare Open Enrollment?

Health care planning is a sensitive subject, but given rising expenses, no retirement plan is complete without some kind of provision for health care needs. Here are some guidelines and resources for estimating your needs and expenses. Health care costs are rapidly emerging as a major expense item both before and during retirement. With lifetime… Read more »

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Family Caregiving 101

Your ability to survive the all-consuming role of caregiver /partner for those with memory loss will depend on many things, but expanded knowledge and acceptance are paramount. Knowledge. Know thy enemy.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that there are 85-90 different types of dementias.  Alzheimer’s represents some 70% of the diagnoses followed by… Read more »

The Power of Non-Pharmacological Interventions in Improving Brain Health

Pharmacological intervention has traditionally been the first-line treatment for individuals with neurocognitive disorders, but the benefits of medications currently on the market are generally minimal and/or temporary. In recent years, however, numerous scientific studies have shown that various types of behavioral and cognitive interventions may slow the progression of degenerative neurocognitive disorders. For one, the… Read more »

Keeping Safe from Senior Scams

I recently attended a forum on elder abuse at the Jocelyn Center in Palm Desert and was surprised to learn that scams and cons targeting seniors fall under the category of elder abuse. Geri Crippen Richardson of the county C.A.R.E. Program (Curtailing Abuse Related to the Elderly) stated that the Coachella Valley has more reports… Read more »

Senior Moves

Exercise promotes health. It also makes us feel good. We should keep our body active. That is the theory. But doing so takes work and perseverance.  With advancing years, the degree of effort increases exponentially. What was easy when we were younger is now more challenging than we care to admit – and yes, often… Read more »

My Head is Spinning

Dear Dr. Kato:My wife is 77 years old. She is having increasing problems with her balance and has fallen several times. I’m very concerned that something serious may happen. Is this vertigo? Dear Reader: Balance disorders are common in the elderly, not only resulting in distressing sensations, but also leading to reduced activity levels and… Read more »

Relieving Stress Important for Caregivers

We’ve all experienced it – heart racing, muscle tension, irritability. Perhaps stomach pain or clenched jaw. Anxiety can cause sleepless nights and feeling tired all the time. It can lead to forgetting things, and feeling as if life is spiraling out of your control. These are just a few of the things people experience when… Read more »