Gluten-Free with Tiffany

After a hard workout the body develops tissue inflammation as an immune response to the wear and tear. We don’t question why, nor do we worry whether the pain will go away. How can we explain the millions of people who experience chronic pain each day, uncorrelated to exercise? Dr. Osborne, founder of, says,… Read more »

Gluten-Free with Tiffany

Embarking on a gluten-free lifestyle has been one of the most controversial topics of the last few years. Supporters of gluten-free diets point to studies that show by limiting gluten consumption, one can improve mental clarity and digestion, and reduce inflammation; and not just those diagnosed with gluten intolerance.  Gluten can be a contributing factor… Read more »

Gluten-Free with Tiffany

Do you suffer from IBS, bloating, dermatitis, migraines, an autoimmune disorder, or anxiety? Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. There are over 200 symptoms associated with gluten, and if you have been diagnosed, you may have been given a simple prescription: go gluten-free.  With high hopes of feeling and looking better,… Read more »

Studies Link Monsanto’s Roundup® to Gluten-Related Disorders

The significant rise of worldwide gluten intolerance has created a demand for further research over the last decade. In recent years, concerned researchers provided us with insightful findings, to some no surprise, linking the effects of Monsanto’s deadly herbicide, Roundup® to modern diseases, particularly gluten intolerance. A compelling article published in the Journal of Entropy… Read more »

Why Everyone Should Use Glucometers for Better Health

Blood sugar testing with a glucometer is a great tool for anyone to assess their body’s unique response to food and lifestyle choices. We normally associate blood sugar testing with diabetes, but this tool can be helpful to support health goals such as improving body composition, making exercise and diet changes, identifying your carbohydrate tolerance,… Read more »

Let Food Be Thy Medicine

“Let food be thy medicine.” — Hippocrates, the father of medicine Facing today’s COVID, cold and flu outbreaks, our focus should be shifted to supporting the wonderfully complex immune system that protects us from foreign invaders. The best weapon against any disease is always prevention. To build that weapon, we need to feed our bodies… Read more »

Join Us at the Health & Fitness Festival!

Desert Health® is proud to sponsor the first annual Palm Springs International Health & Fitness Festival taking place November 13 – 15 and produced by Marlo Productions. This interactive event offers festival-goers the opportunity to take part in a variety of fitness classes, learn from medical experts, enjoy informative lectures, and so much more.  Here… Read more »

Sprouting 101

Although hot summer temperatures may be making it hard to grow our own food, sprouting seeds and microgreens indoors can offer a great opportunity to nourish our bodies. These nutrient powerhouses can be grown right on your own countertop in just 3-7 days. The benefits are numerous, and the process is simple and fun. If… Read more »

Gluten Free with Tiffany

Paleo Skillet Tortillas

The most challenging part of following a clean diet long term is fighting the idea that we have to give up our favorite foods. Missing the comfort foods that once satisfied our savory, doughy cravings does not have to be the case on a grain-free diet. Today, we have access to so many healthy replacements… Read more »

Gluten Free with Tiffany

Eggnest Noodles

If you are looking for a new inspiration this year to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, consider investing under $40 in a kitchen tool called a “spiralizer.” A spiralizer can make long ribbon shapes from a variety of vegetables that can be cooked or eaten raw. These noodle-like vegetable shapes are great substitutes for… Read more »

Paleo Vegan “Beefy” Tacos

Summer is a time for more simple things in life, especially when it comes to food.  On hot desert days we tend to opt for lighter dishes that have minimal preparation, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up flavor. This rich taco skillet recipe is sans meat but if desired, you can add… Read more »