Establishing a Personal Practice

It’s that time of year when many people review and plan how to create optimal health in their daily lives. My question is, “Do you have a personal practice or routine that serves and supports you?” Having come from a sports science and fitness background, I came across many people who were 23-hour couch potatoes.… Read more »

The Joys of Weight Loss Hypnosis

I know firsthand that weight loss hypnosis works. Twenty-five years ago, I lugged around 260 pounds. Thanks to hypnosis, healthy eating and exercise, I ditched 120 pounds and have kept it off for twenty-four years. As we are in the midst of a global obesity pandemic, I am more passionate now than ever about helping… Read more »

Hiring In-Home Care

Family caregivers who need in-home care may not know the various types of care nor what levels of support to expect. Cost, frequency and level of skilled providers are among determining factors when choosing in-home help for a loved one.  What are the differences between types of in-home care workers?  Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) and… Read more »

Making holidays happy

Making the Holidays Happy

The holidays are a time of joy, anticipation, happiness, frivolity, family fun, merriment and well, high expectations. Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, or any celebratory event, we tend to get nostalgic and that inner child within all of us wants everything to be picture perfect! The reality is that while perfection may be the goal,… Read more »

Keeping Your Cool During a Move

Moving isn’t easy according to many researchers and psychologists. The truth is we don’t need researchers to tell us how stressful it is or how we should feel about this experience. However, we most certainly can understand ourselves better by understanding what is happening during this process and what we can do to help ourselves… Read more »

Growing Old Gracefully

“Growing Old Gracefully”…Really?

Whoever coined the phrase “growing old gracefully” must have thought of it when they were young. Besides looking in the mirror and not recognizing the face staring back at you, I guess the term might be relevant if one didn’t have to deal with the daily aches and pains, doctor’s appointments, chronic pain, hormonal changes,… Read more »

Why Family Caregivers Need Respite Care

Respite care is a service that supports family caregivers by providing temporary care for a loved one who requires assistance – such as someone with dementia, special needs or disabilities. Respite care should not be considered a luxury, but instead should be an important component of a caregiving program. It can be provided for a… Read more »

A Little Hot Under the Collar?

The heat is on in our desert paradise and many have sought an escape from the rising temperatures. If tempers flare and you or a family member get hot under the collar, is there also an escape for that? Let’s explore how angry outbursts and rage serve as an immediate distancing mechanism in our relationships.… Read more »

Mood Mantra

What Is Your Vision Of Retirement?

You may have financially prepared for retirement, but are you psychologically and emotionally prepared? Being psychologically and emotionally prepared is equally as important as your financial preparations for your overall retirement health and well-being. The root of the word retirement implies retreat from battle, or stepping back to safer ground. This contradicts the excitement and… Read more »

Moving the Dial on Your Happiness Set Point

Happiness is an energy that seems to ebb and flow, yet, it can be strengthened and honed within each of us to permeate our lives with a gratifying tide.  There may be fleeting happiness that focuses on satisfaction of achieving material goods and momentary whims, but this type of happiness is difficult to maintain with… Read more »

Meditation Myths That Can Belittle Your Bliss

Do you meditate? If you’re like 80 percent of the people asked, your answer is, “I’ve tried it, but can’t make my mind stop.” This meditation myth and a few other common misunderstandings can keep you from learning this very valuable relaxation practice. Today, I’d like to share some good news with you. Meditation is… Read more »

Good Grief

There’s one thing no one gets out of this life without experiencing, and that’s dealing with the loss of a loved one, friend, co-worker, community member and even a famous person who left their indelible mark on many. Yet, even though death is a given, many of us enter a state of denial as we… Read more »


With the hectic pace of a busy season, it seemed appropriate to gravitate toward the yin side of life and talk about solitude. For many of us local small business owners, the peak season is hectic, bringing a needed abundance to support us when it all slows down in the heat of the summer. Recently,… Read more »

The Best Part of Being a Couple

The best part of being a couple? Wait for it… It’s the authentic relationship you have with yourself. ‘To thine own self be true’ and ‘Know thyself’ are but a few quotes that depict the importance of self-actualization. With greater awareness, the terms selfish and self-serving can evolve into a greater sense of self-worth and… Read more »