To Know You Is To Love You

You look across the room and there they are…the person of your dreams…your soulmate. The One! In the movie Moonstruck Cher says, “Snap out of it!” Good advice, as it is often wise to step back and take a breath before jumping into those initial feelings, which may be simply lust versus true love. Love… Read more »

Students Plant School Garden

Over the last several months, Desert Healthcare District/Foundation has teamed up with teachers, students and the school principal at Bubbling Wells Elementary in Desert Hot Springs to design, create, build and fund a school garden. “Two of the District/Foundation’s areas of community health focus are healthy eating and active living,” said Herb K. Schultz, CEO… Read more »

Your Health Begins at Home

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that the indoor air pollution concentrations in our homes are typically 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor pollution levels.1 The sad part is most common pollutants in your home are from chemicals you bring in from conventional cleaning, laundry and self-care products. How often do we look at the… Read more »

Your Emotional Legacy

When we think of leaving a legacy to loved ones, we often want to ensure that our loved ones are financially secure and that every legal “t” is crossed and every “i”is dotted. We assign a power of attorney and have a health care directive signed and inserted into our medical records. What about an… Read more »

You and #MeToo

It’s been a long “quiet before the cultural storm” and now, a distinct shift is taking place. Barring the etiological causation, rhymes and reasons, perspectives and opinions, there exists the potentially positive development of a new norm in society coming out of the #MeToo movement. A highly observable movement of stepping outside of one’s comfort… Read more »

You Are Not Your Thoughts

I have to say that I don’t think anything I’m going to share with you in this article is going to be new, unique or awe-inspiring. With this said, please forgive the negative turn my mind just took and I’ll re-frame my message into a more positive light and mindset. Here goes…With gentle compassion and… Read more »


Years ago when Desert Health’s Publisher, Lauren, lost the horse she loved, it touched memories in my heart about the departure of an equine companion. Horses rank high as the most sublime of all animals, wild and domestic. These magnificent creatures combine strength with grace. Horses became a symbol of power and royalty. I expressed… Read more »

Welcome to the 21st Century

At no period in history have we experienced the galactic environmental and social changes of today. It is a natural consequence of our evolution. The times are fascinating and challenging. It is not surprising we can feel lost, stressed, and out of date. The speed of technology, access to knowledge, and instant communication are measured… Read more »

From Universal Perspective to Local Solutions

The renowned astrophysicist, Carl Sagan, coined the expression, “The Pale Blue Planet” for our home in the vast universe. The future of our planet rests in our hands. Its health and wellness are our responsibilities. For astronauts, the view of earth is so spectacular that it can transform their perspectives on life and even draws… Read more »

Building Health for Ourselves

The uncertainty of the American health care system may have a beneficial, unexpected effect: empowerment of personal responsibility. The assurance of health care for our citizens, from the most at-risk to the most affluent, is being debated by politicians and stake-holders; personally, I believe it will require dialogue and leadership that values diverse representation and… Read more »

Midwives (Doulas) Help to Ease the Way

One of the great celebrations in our world is the anticipation of a new life being born. At the moment of birth, and the first moments thereafter, life can be filled with heightened emotions, confusing paperwork and plentiful reactions from those surrounding the new mother, father and baby. Many of us have come to see… Read more »