Fit Kids, Healthy Minds, Happy Family

We hear time and time again about the frighteningly high rate of child obesity in the United States. And it continues to rise. Research now shows that unless we take serious measures and precautions, our children will the first generation to die younger than their parents.[sup]1[/sup] According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… Read more »

New Health Programs Now Available For Teachers, Students & Parents

Directors of the Desert Healthcare District approved two grants to the Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD) and Cielo Vista Charter School (CVCS) for nutrition and fitness programs designed to encourage parent involvement and spur healthier lifestyles for nearly 3,000 Valley students. The District awarded $803,626 to PSUSD to fund its Nutrition Education and Physical… Read more »

Exploring Careers in Nutrition Sciences

At the recent Clinton health conference, Dr. Mark Hyman reminded the audience that the food that’s making us fat is also making us ill. In response to this statement and to local workforce data, CVEP’s Health Industry Council has developed a strategy to prioritize awareness of careers in nutrition, and to develop work-based learning programs… Read more »

Promoting Career Exploration

In recent years, there has been a focus on 2 intervention points in the educational lives of America’s children: early childhood and high school. Lost is the importance of the upper elementary grades and middle school, and the role they must play in the preparation of students for life after high school. ACT (American College… Read more »

Know the Warning Signs of a Stroke

If you have ever known someone who had a stroke, you know how devastating the experience can be. There are many side effects of varying degrees that can limit one’s abilities to do the things they love. Strokes can significantly alter one’s lifestyle. And a stroke doesn’t just happen to the person – it happens… Read more »

Heading to the finish line at the Solana Beach Triathlon

An Inspiration to All

Bill Bell has competed in 32 Ironman triathlons and 33 half Ironman races. He has completed 158 marathons and ultra runs (between 26.2 and 52.4 miles); and two Ultraman 3 day triathlons (6 mile swim, 250 mile bike, and 52.4 miles run – yes, all in one day). He has ridden his bike across the… Read more »

Are You and Your Home “Senior Ready”?

Surveys by AARP state that 90% of Americans over 50 years of age want to remain in their homes as they age.[sup]1[/sup] “Aging in Place” is the new term coined to reference the ability to continue to live in one’s home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.[sup]2[/sup] It means living… Read more »

Interns Tour Desert Regional Medical Center

Local Health Care Internships

  Over the past two summers, health care leaders and organizations from the Coachella Valley have stepped up efforts to  ‘Mentor the Future’ by providing local college students with job shadow opportunities and paid internships to support their passion to becoming health care professionals. Through two innovative programs, more than sixty local students studying for… Read more »


S.A.F.E.™ (Support And Family Education) is a resource program established in 1980 to bring programs, education, coaching and counseling to schools and families. SAFEline addresses family life and relationship issues and the SAFEline column is a compilation of many letters and calls to the SAFEline Coach. DEAR SAFEline COACH, We are new to this area… Read more »

Exercise Is Important for Parkinson’s Patients

More than 1.5 Million Americans suffer from Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative brain disorder causing a decrease in the brain chemical dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for relaying messages that control movement from the brain to the body. The cause of Parkinson’s disease is unknown and there is currently no cure. According to Dr. Stephen Silberstein, MD,… Read more »