Eye Health Linked to Stroke Risk

A new study published in the American Heart Association Journal Hypertension suggests a correlation between retinal microvascular changes and increased stroke risk. The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study authored by Dr. Mohammad Ikram reviewed retinal images of 1406 patient ages 50-73 between 1993 and 1995. With each participant, their level of hypertensive retinal disease… Read more »

What IS That Floating By?

Ever see a small insect or thread passing through your field of vision but couldn’t quite put your finger on it?  These specks or clouds going by are often “floaters.” Floaters are actually clumps of cells inside the vitreous portion of the eye. As we age, the vitreous (a jelly like substance which is usually… Read more »

Best Vision Ever? At This Age?

There are approximately 2.8 million cataract surgeries performed in the U.S. each year, and it is very likely that one day you will need this surgery to improve your vision. Today a successful surgery is not only improved vision but vision good enough to drive without glasses. This is an exciting time in the evolution… Read more »

Gene Therapy May Save Sight

Macular degeneration is the number one cause of permanent vision loss in patients over 55. Now genetic analysis is helping to reduce the risk of vision loss by assisting doctors in identifying the risk of progression and the best treatment for that individual based on their individual DNA. This is one of the first applications… Read more »

Keep An Eye on Your Skin

Skin cancer can be quite common here in the Coachella Valley. Our beautiful weather also brings with it intense ultraviolet exposure. Cumulative exposure to UV rays is the most significant cause of skin cancer, and our eyelids are no exception. The eyelids are among the thinnest, most delicate tissues of the body and are an… Read more »

Dry Eye: A Common Problem in the Desert

Dry eye is one of the most common issues that I see in my practice. Patients often have symptoms like burning, itching, red eyes; sensitivity to light; and significant tearing. In fact, because their eyes are tearing, patients don’t believe they have dry eyes. The tearing occurs due to lack of good basic tears needed… Read more »

My Eyelids Are in the Way!

Our eyelids are vital structures in maintaining ocular health and comfort. They protect the globes from foreign bodies and serve as protective barriers. Eyelids are also responsible for production of the oily layer of the tear film which prevents premature evaporation of tears, thus helping to ensure a healthy tear film is bathing the eyes.… Read more »

Ocular Allergies

Spring is allergy season and in our desert the spring season starts earlier and runs later (due to the multitude of plants) than most American cities. This means daily and persistent high pollen counts, which can soar when the wind blows and agitate most allergy sufferers. Patients often show multiple allergy symptoms related to more… Read more »


Diet, Lifestyle and Your Eyes

Our eyes are the windows into our bodies and give important clues to our overall health status. Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of significant, permanent vision loss in individuals over 60. Approximately 1.5 million Americans have AMD, and roughly 7 million have an early form of the disease. AMD causes loss… Read more »

Medications May Affect Eye Health

Over the last two decades, prescription drug use has grown in the U.S. from an average of 7.3 prescriptions per person in 1992, to 11.6 per person in 2002, to 12.6 per person in 2009 (the latest statistic). Along with increasing prescription drug use come many adverse symptoms that affect the eyes. When diagnosing symptoms,… Read more »