Common Ocular Myths and Misconceptions

Excessive tearing is always caused by dry eyes Excessive tearing (epiphora) affects many people and can be quite bothersome, interrupting activities of daily living routines. There are many causes of epiphora and a thorough examination is needed to determine the cause. Some patients may suffer from dry eyes and experience reflexive tearing. The body produces… Read more »

Medications May Affect Eye Health

Over the last two decades, prescription drug use has grown in the U.S. from an average of 7.3 prescriptions per person in 1992, to 11.6 per person in 2002, to 12.6 per person in 2009 (the latest statistic). Along with increasing prescription drug use come many adverse symptoms that affect the eyes. When diagnosing symptoms,… Read more »

New Guidelines for Lung Cancer Screening

Lung Cancer is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States and it is still on the rise. In 1964, the Surgeon General’s report concluded that tobacco smoke was a cause of lung cancer. Today, smoking is thought to cause up to 90 percent of lung cancers. Currently, the… Read more »

Eric Presser, MD

Practitioner Profile: Eric Presser, MD

Profession: Board Certified Thoracic Surgeon practicing minimally invasive non-cardiac surgical operations (in the chest cavity) Studied: General surgery residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center (NY, NY) after graduting from Ross University School of Medicine with honors Cardiothoracic Fellow at LSU (New Orleans) Cardiothoracic Fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center (San… Read more »

Osteoporosis Normal Bone

Osteoporosis: The Bone Breaking Facts

Osteoporosis literally means “ porous bones”. It is a systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and density, which makes the bones weaker and more prone to fracture. As bones become weak, they can break from minor everyday events such as sneezing or bumping into furniture. One out of every two women and one… Read more »

Fibromyalgia Pain: Muscle, Nerve…or Both?

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is a painful condition predominantly involving muscles, and the most common cause of chronic, widespread musculoskeletal pain. A diagnosis includes at least 11 of 18 specific tender points that hurt when pressed (with no reference pain elsewhere).  The tender points must be present in all four quadrants of the body for more… Read more »

Medications and Dizziness

Medications are often the first line treatment for patients experiencing severe dizziness and vertigo. These medications are essentially “rescue” drugs that can greatly alleviate the symptom of debilitating vertigo. However, these “rescue” drugs are neither always effective nor appropriate for many types of dizziness, and they may have potentially serious side effects and drug interactions.… Read more »

Summer Blues a Concern for Some

When you think of summer, what comes to mind? Vacations and getaways… hiking in the mountains…or enjoying a relaxing day by the pool? For many, these are common summer time activities. But for some individuals — especially seniors 65 and older — summer in the desert can be a very isolated time that triggers a… Read more »

What Women Should Know About Stroke

There are a few things that women should know about stroke. More women than men suffer from strokes each year — 425,000 compared to 370,000. Strokes kill twice as many women each year as breast cancer. African-American women have more strokes than Caucasian women, and strokes are the number one cause of death for Hispanic… Read more »

Sudden Hearing Loss: A Medical Emergency

What is sudden sensorineural hearing loss? Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) is a rapid loss of hearing that occurs overnight, or over a period of up to three days. Usually, only one ear is affected. Patients may experience a feeling of fullness in the ear and tinnitus (or ringing of the involved ear). They may… Read more »

White Is Wonderful, But Unclean May Kill You

By Lauren Del Sarto Studies Link Periodontal Health and Heart Disease Brushing your teeth is not only good for your smile. Recent studies indicate that it also decreases your chances of suffering a heart attack. Researchers in England analyzed data from more than 11,000 people taking part in an 8 eight-year study called the Scottish… Read more »

One of the Lucky Ones

La Quinta resident and Contemporary American painter Tom Savage, 58, has been making and selling art most of his life. Savage’s mixed media paintings are a dialogue between drawing and painting reminiscent of European Automatism, Surrealism and Abstract Expression. His work is about the poetic qualities of abstraction. Savage was also a recipient of the… Read more »