Teary Eyes: When Is It Time To See A Doctor?

Do you have teary eyes? Have you learned to live with constant watering, or been told that there is no treatment? Epiphora, the medical term for excessive tearing, is a common complaint the cause of which can be difficult to isolate. Patients often suffer from this condition silently for years, or become accustomed to its… Read more »

Infusion Centers Save Millions and Offer Comfortable Care

Infusion therapy is the intravenous administration of medication. IV medications are generally prescribed by a physician when a patient’s condition or disease state cannot effectively be treated by conventional therapies or oral medications. Many medications are designed to be delivered intravenously as their only means of treating a disease.[sup]1[/sup] So it’s not surprising that IV… Read more »

New Studies Link Sleep Disorders to Parkinson’s and Dementia

Although their genetic foundations differ, neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia are all characterized by the untimely death of brain cells. What triggers cell death in the brain?[sup]1[/sup] In a recent study, American neurologists and sleep experts suggest that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder could be an early sign of Parkinson’s… Read more »

The Food and Inflammation Connection

A connection between back pain and diet isn’t immediately obvious. But an aching back led Dr. Hessam Mahdavi, MD, DC, to develop a food lifestyle to fight inflammation. Mahdavi’s back problems began in 2002. As his pain worsened, he tried ibuprofen, exercise and spinal manipulation, but none provided more than short-term relief. As a physician,… Read more »

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How Do We Stop the Diabetes Epidemic

The 1950’s were a time of excess in America. Rising from the desperation of the 40’s and World War II, Americans were filled with optimism–anything was possible and we had the world at our fingertips. It was a time of invention. Companies sold convenience and accessibility with families in mind. Commercials and door-to-door salesmen did… Read more »

Women and Diabetes

Editorial Courtesy of Desert Regional Medical Center Actress Halle Berry, singer Patti LaBelle, tennis legend Billie Jean King, and author Anne Rice are just several of the more than 12 million American women living with diabetes. This disease, which changes the way the body uses sugar, can increase a woman’s chances of having a heart… Read more »


Calling All Doctors, Nurses and Dentists: Volunteers In Medicine Is Ready for You

Coachella Valley’s Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) just celebrated its inaugural year and is currently looking for medical and dental professionals to contribute their time to assist with VIM’s continued growth. Desert Health® sat down with VIM management team, President Roy Pitkin, M.D.; Board Member and Founder, Ron Hare, M.D.; and Executive Director, Bruce Yeager to… Read more »

Here’s to a Healthier New Year! Tips From the Team at The Eisenhower Wellness Institute

In December, the doctors from the Eisenhower Wellness Institute reviewed some old fashioned advice and the latest research on healthy practices to consider for 2012. Presenters included Medical Director, Patricia Avila, MD, MPH; Integrative Medicine Specialist, Hessam Mahdavi, MD, DC; and Sports Medicine Specialist, Steven Steele, MD. Desert Health® was there taking notes for you…… Read more »

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Practitioner Profile: Hessam Mahdavi MD, DC

Profession: Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic Studied: Saba University School of Medicine; Southern California College of Chiropractic Practicing: Internal Medicine, Integrative Medicine at Eisenhower Wellness Institute Originally From: Newport Beach. Has lived in the Desert for 2 years Professional Accreditations: Member American College of Physicians Board Certification, Internal Medicine Certification, Holistic and Integrative Medicine Doctor of… Read more »

Integrated Health Care

Integrated Health Care:

The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine defines this practice as “medicine that confirms the importance of the practitioner/patient relationship; focuses on the whole person; is evidence-based; and uses all appropriate modalities, health care professionals and disciplines to achieve health and healing.” Following this logic, patients win. We receive medical attention that considers… Read more »

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Desert Healthcare District Awards Over $5.8 Million to Area Organizations in Need

Desert Health[sup]®[/sup] promotes those local organizations and practices which set the Coachella Valley apart as leaders in the field of health care and integrated medicine. One such organization is the Valley’s Desert Healthcare District. Created in 1948, the Desert Healthcare District’s original mission was to provide hospital services to residents of the region. In 1998,… Read more »