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Welcome to a Year of Health & Happiness

Sail on, Morris Sheppard.

Season has started with incredible energy – and excitement for the many health and wellness happenings here in the Coachella Valley. We have renowned speakers, festive events and numerous no-cost opportunities to enhance your personal knowledge and practices and we hope you will take part.

In January, Eisenhower is bringing acclaimed sleep expert and Harvard professor Charles Czeisler, PhD, MD, for a free presentation on improving sleep health. In February, wellness icon Deepak Chopra and health advocate Mariel Hemingway will also be here. We have wellness movies, free health fairs and a large number of walks and runs to get you moving while giving back.

It seems we are seeing more and more people affected by cancer and other chronic conditions these days. Adopting healthy habits can certainly help with healing, but the time to start honoring your body, mind and spirit is now, before you are required to do so.  We have many articles on our pages to set you in the right direction. What about creating a wellness room, starting your year with a vitamin and mineral injection, or incorporating periodic fasting into your schedule? Remember seven years of inspiration can be found on this site which contains every article we’ve ever published. Simply enter the subject in the search field.

We’d like to honor our dear friend and Desert Health® supporter, Morris Sheppard, whom we recently lost. He was an amazing man and exceptional at all his artistic and human endeavors. He kept us laughing and shared his beautiful kind heart with those he loved. He lived life to the fullest and left on his terms. We miss him very much but know he is enjoying his new journey beyond the here and now. You are stardust, my friend.

Please join us at the many events and activities our health community has planned for you. Our shared goal is to make the Coachella Valley one of the healthiest places on earth, and it all starts with you.

Wishing you a year of health and happiness ~

Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto

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