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The Stroke Recovery Center, Palm Springs

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Since 1999, the Board of Directors of the Desert Healthcare District (DHD) has invested over $1 million in the Stroke Recovery Center to support the development and implementation of patient programs, and promote rehabilitation services for stroke survivors.

The Stroke Recovery Center offers a unique program model for stroke rehabilitation.  It addresses the physical and psychosocial health of stroke survivors by structuring exercise, speech, and recreational therapies that target the long-term reduction of specific symptoms and the development of functional skills.   The Center is helping patients – and families – recover at least part of their pre-stroke lifestyle.

“We are pleased to continue to grant funds to the Stroke Recovery Center as the rehabilitation therapy is so necessary for stroke victims,” said District Board member and Program Committee Chair Sidney Rubenstein, DDS.

“Long term, chronic care for stroke survivors is one of the least-funded afflictions,” said Beverly Greer, the organization’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Once the course of treatment is completed, usually a 30-90 day process for physical and/or speech therapies, there is no further reimbursement available to continue therapies. Ongoing support from the District allows for continued rehabilitation and continuity in the continuum of care, giving hope and help to this abandoned and sometimes ignored group of stroke survivors and their families, whose needs do not end when the benefits run out.”

The Stroke Recovery Center is a free comprehensive rehabilitation program that addresses the physical, cognitive and socialization needs of impaired stroke survivors and their families. It is their mission to ensure maximum feasible functionality to all survivors of stroke, regardless of ability to pay. The Stroke Recovery Center is the only comprehensive, free, long term rehabilitation services organization for stroke survivors and their caregivers in the District area, and in the country.

For information more information on the Stroke Recovery Center call 760-323-7676 or visit For information on the Desert Healthcare District call 760-323-6273 or visit

4 Responses to “The Stroke Recovery Center, Palm Springs”

  1. Irving McMurren says:

    We used to live in Palm Springs. Now we are in San Felipe, BC, Mex. My wife had a serious stroke and has been treated in Yuma at two facilities. She is now here at home and I am not able to find any rehab place in Imperial county that is suitable. We have an HMO that only covers that area. Where is your Stroke Recovery Center and if I reverted back to Medicare with an AARP supplement for her would this work out?

    • Lauren Del Sarto says:

      Thank you, Irving. I have forwarded your question to the Stroke Recovery Center for their reply.

      Wishing you the best in 2018… And thank you for reading Desert Health ~

      Lauren Del Sarto

  2. Evelyn says:

    What are the names of stroke victim’s rehabilitation centers in Palm Springs and how can I contact them in regards to admitting a new patient? Thank you very much. Evelyn

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