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Marketing Your Medical Practice Online

By Isning Gamez

Just like other industries, the medical health industry needs to adapt to the marketing trends of today. Gone are the days when word of mouth alone drove your business forward. In the past, your company might have been the only one providing that service in your radius, whereas now you might have two or more similar companies on your street.

In order to attract new patients and showcase your credibility, your practice needs to be present both online and offline. This article will consider non-traditional ways doctors can promote their businesses through a variety of marketing channels.

Social Media Marketing. Having an online presence is of utmost importance in this digital age. You want to be active on a platform that promotes engagement with your audience, in this case, your patients. Social media allows you to improve your reach and connect with people with whom you would not communicate.

Remember that the interaction, posts, and engagement should be consistent on these pages in order to reap the benefits. Also, make sure that the entire staff’s LinkedIn profiles are up to date and accurate. This is where people will check to confirm you are who you say you are.

Video Testimonials. Many times people trust the opinions of other people more than what the company itself advocates. Video testimonials are used to show how real patients have experienced the services of your practice. These individuals will add credibility to your medical practice and explain what it’s like to deal with you, your staff and the consultation as a whole.

Podcasts, Article Content and YouTube Videos. Another great way to showcase your expertise as a doctor and team of professionals is via video content. This could be done in the form a weekly or monthly video on YouTube where you discuss complex topics, answer questions that your patients regularly ask, or just talk about living a healthy life.

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, one in three American adults have gone online to figure out a medical condition. These days, patients tend to self-diagnose because of all the articles and resources online – but you need to break through the ‘noise’ and provide them with accurate, reliable content that they can trust.

By doing this, you aren’t just promoting your practice, you are also establishing yourself as a reliable source and brand.

Customized Web Design. The Pew Research Center also states that 47% of internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals.

Did you know that you can develop custom websites aimed at promoting doctors and others in the medical health industry? Web design companies include and exclude certain features when it comes to user-friendly web design for doctors. At the end of the day, it’s all about conversion, growth, adding value, informing your audience and making it easy for them to contact you. Professional web design companies know exactly how to do the above-mentioned with customized web design.

This article showcases the importance of an online presence for medical practices because that is where the conversation is happening, and you want to make sure you add value to that conversation. Of course, there are also numerous offline print methods to use for business marketing and if your budget allows for television advertising, go for it as that video can also be used as advertisements on other YouTube channels. Collaborate with a professional team of filmmakers and videographers to make sure that your concept comes to life in a professional, yet relatable manner.

That is how you will become memorable.

Isning Gamez is a TV Producer and Web Designer and can be reached at (760) 610.4106.
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