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Inspiration Begins at The Spa Esmeralda

A Desert Health® Review

Living in the Desert, we tend to forget that we are surrounded by world-class resorts with award-winning services and amenities. Summer is an ideal time to take advantage of the special offers from these top notch properties.

Such is the case with the Spa Esmeralda at The Renaissance Esmeralda in Indian Wells. The Spa Esmeralda takes elegance and pampering to a whole new level. Although visiting a spa is often considered a luxury, summer specials make it easy on your health care budget. If you were inspired by Mickie Riley’s story (Health Is A Choice, pg. 1) or embarking on a new health regime, the Spa Esmeralda is a great place to start.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a 90 minute Compression Wrap Therapy at the Spa Esmeralda and found it to be an amazingly uplifting therapy. I left feeling completely happy and genuinely good to the core. I honestly wanted to dance out the front door!

There are a few specific elements which contributed to this exuberance. First of all, the treatment is multi-faceted including 8 different therapies designed to remove water weight, cleanse your blood and detox the largest organ, your skin. It takes place outside in the open Desert air under a curtained cabana (weather permitting). The natural heat aids the process and feels magical.

Secondly, the products used are all natural and made from Chinese herbs and minerals. The product line, Jadience, was developed by Anna Ragaz, M.D. from actual Jade stone which is said to contain natural infrared properties that cleanse and heal. The Jadience ingredients include such healing herbs as Burdock Root, Mulberry Bark, Goji Berry and Ginseng.

Last but certainly not least was my therapist, Jessica. She is one of those special souls who may possibly know more about you than you know about yourself. She was trained at Soma Therapy Institute here in the Desert and her physiological knowledge is an asset to her trade.

The Compression Wrap begins with a soft, full body scrub on a water therapy table followed by a soak in a spa tub sprinkled with fragrant rose pedals. You are treated to alkaline water as you relax under the clear desert sky.

After your soak, you are painted with a serum of herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine to cleanse the blood. You are then lightly wrapped and placed in a soft cocoon of coverings. Now, I’ve had wraps before and didn’t care for the tight claustrophobic feeling I experienced then. This was nothing like that. The unimposing wraps felt as if you were tucked in a soft sleeping bag. The head, neck and shoulder massage that takes place for the 20 minutes you are bundled, certainly makes the time fly as well.

The wrap is followed by an application of a cellulite reducing serum (in places you need it most) and then stimulated with jade stone rollers bringing the natural infrared effect to skin cells. You finish with a light, full body massage using Jade and Ginseng body lotion and a shot of Jadience Total Body Detox drink.

Did I mention that at the beginning and end of your treatment, your measurements are taken? I was selecting this treatment more for the detox properties than weight loss, but was pleasantly surprised at the combined total of 5 inches lost throughout my legs, waist and arms.

I highly recommend a visit to the Spa Esmeralda this summer. Through July (and maybe August) they are offering the 90 minute Compression Wrap for $145 and 60 minute Detox and Slimming Wraps at $109. If you are inspired to begin a new health regime or need a refresher, a detox therapy at the Spa Esmeralda is a great place to start!

For current specials and more information visit or call 760-836-1265.

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