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First Annual Wellness Awards Nominee Reception

The First Annual Wellness Awards Nominee Reception was held at the Eisenhower Wellness Institute and brought together top doctors, yogis, fitness and health practitioners, non-profits, chefs, educators and more for an evening of networking and celebrating achievements. Healthy offerings were provided by Salads in a Jar with libations from Bonterra Organic Wines and Mad River Brewing.


  1. Tom & Lauren Del Sarto, Janet Zappala, Dr. Jeralyn Brossfield, Dr. Hessam Mahdavi
  2. Anthony Cruz and daughter, Clarissa
  3. Jaelyn & Shay Moraga, Lauren
  4. Felice Chiapperini
  5. Carole Rogers, Louise Evans, and Alyson Wilson
  6. Jay Nixon and Lori Crete
  7. Doris Steadman and Diane Gordon
  8. Mary Battin and Teri Tudor
  9. Catering by Salads in a Jar
  10. Denise DuBarry Hay, Vee Cherie
  11. Salads in a Jar display
  12. Jason Press, Lauren,  John Yuhas, Tiffany Bell-Davlantes
  13. Tom Del Sarto, Rich & Carolyn Whitehill, Russ Piercy
  14. Dawn Hirst and Dr. Celeste Amaya

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