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Desert Health® News Added to SunLine Transit Agency’s Healthy Lifestyles Program

As part of their internal program encouraging healthier lifestyles, SunLine Transit Agency is distributing Desert Health® News to all employees.

Three and half years ago, SunLine initiated a 10 week weight loss program encouraging employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. SunLine’s health provider, HealthNet, supported the program realizing that conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and smoking were challenges to SunLine employees.

The program’s success led to increased activities for which participants receive points. Points can be exchanged for prizes such as certificates to Clark’s Nutrition and Subway. In addition to the weight loss program, SunLine’s Healthy Lifestyles program includes kick-boxing and circuit training classes; a noon walkers program; a hiking group; volleyball, golf and bowling. If employees suggest and organize an event, they receive extra points. (Competing in the points program is not required).

SunLine purchased exercise equipment such as hand weights, mats, stretch bands and weighted balls for the program. Their partner, HealthNet, donated exercise bands for use in aerobic classes.

“SunLine Transit Agency supports the Healthy Lifestyles program in an effort to create both a healthy work environment and personal health for each of our employees,” states C. Mikel Oglesby, General Manager.

Desert Health® is available for distribution at your work place. For more information contact Lauren at 760.238.0245

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