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Celebrating Life

The Heavens certainly have been earning their share of 5-star angels this year, including our beloved Edith Morrey who left us two weeks before her 106th birthday. Our friendship was one of great admiration; she was Desert Health’s biggest fan and I was hers. In our last visit, all she said was ‘thank you,’ two words that mean so very much.

While we still grace this magical planet, let’s each make health a priority, as Edith did, and live life with passion. We all have it deep inside and helping it flourish can lead to a very rewarding journey.

We hope you find inspiration for your journey on these pages…from rescued horses helping vets to aspiring health academy students; from Shay’s Story to boxing away Parkinson’s; and from school gardens to your Wildest Greens.

Resources to keep us well and help us heal are out there and certainly many can be found here. We proudly feature our largest Integrated Practices section to date (where medical and wellness meet) – a good sign of things to come.

Greater Palm Springs is becoming a mecca for wellness. There is something for everyone and we are proud to deliver the positive news. We should all feel blessed to call this phenomenal place home.

Live your passion ~
Lauren Del Sarto
Lauren Del Sarto

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