Desert Health 2023 Speaker Series

Desert Health, in partnership with Restore Hyper Wellness, proudly presents our 2023 Living Well Speaker Series.  The monthly presentations showcase esteemed valley doctors and health care professionals starting in July and running through December. The complimentary educational program is open to everyone interested in learning about vitality and proactive well-being.  Guest speakers include integrative doctor… Read more »

Desert Health Presents Your Best Health Now Educational Series

In association with CSUSB Palm Desert, Desert Health is proud to present an Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) speaker series entitled Your Best Health Now. This six-week program is open to everyone and features leading health care doctors and professionals from our desert communities. The educational program explores the variety of natural and allopathic health… Read more »

“My Tummy Hurts”

One of the most common reasons for a child’s doctor visit is digestive complaints. Children can experience chronic abdominal pain, intermittent abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea and general discomfort from eating. These symptoms often cause them to miss school, leave school early or refrain from social activities. Parents may try at-home elimination diets such as removing… Read more »

Celebrating Naturopathic Medicine

Those who have discovered naturopathic medicine often consider it life changing. Many seek the practice when allopathic medicine runs out of answers or to complement conventional care. Others consider their naturopathic doctor to be their primary care physician preferring the body, mind and spirit approach to medicine.  A licensed naturopathic doctor attends an accredited, four-year,… Read more »

Treatment Options for Measles

Measles is a viral disease that has gained public interest due to annual measles outbreaks in various parts of the U.S. While it is more prevalent in less developed nations, in the United States there are typically smaller, controlled outbreaks without long-term health complications or mortalities. Measles is one viral disease for which an immunization… Read more »

Get to Know Our Valley’s Naturopathic Doctors

Curious about what naturopathic doctors do? October 7-13 is your time to discover as we celebrate the 6th annual Naturopathic Medicine Week sponsored by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP). During the week, naturopathic clinics in our valley will offer open houses, special events and drawings, and encourage you to stop by, ask questions,… Read more »

Enhancing Fertility, Naturally

Fertility for men and woman can be affected by a range of factors – age, lifestyle, and genetics. However, natural fertility enhancement is easily attainable with diet, nutrition, stress management, and specific nutraceutical supplements. Addressing fertility concerns can be daunting, but with a few simple changes many couples are able to conceive healthy babies without… Read more »