Keep Breathing

Keep breathing. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? And yet, so profound. Last summer we were blessed with the opportunity to spend six weeks in our travel trailer visiting family and friends in Washington State. In an RV park near Seattle, I noticed a gentleman sitting on a rock wall every morning as I walked our… Read more »

Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

As we head into summer, my phone rings off the hook from people who made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. They joined a gym and went for a few weeks but haven’t been back for a couple of months. Now, warm weather is upon us, and coats and sweaters are making way for shorts… Read more »

Let’s Do This Together

Can you guess the latest hazard to your mental health? The American Psychiatric Association now recognizes climate change as a growing threat to mental health. Climate change anxiety is associated with increases in aggressive behavior and domestic violence, increased use of alcohol to cope with stress, rises in hospital admissions for people with mental health… Read more »

Grief is Like Glitter

First, you fall in love. Then you decide to adopt that adorable cat, dog, parrot, rabbit. So you set off together, learning to adapt to each other’s expectations. Life is fun. Life is fuller. Your pet cheers you up in ways you never imagined possible. You catch yourself speaking in funny voices. You both grow… Read more »

Changing Pain to Comfort

In mid-July, I had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder. Leading up to the surgery, I was fascinated by how the surgeon cautioned me about managing the pain, and he gave me three different pain prescriptions. Everyone I talked to said, “Oh, that’s going to hurt!” And since the surgery, people frequently ask about… Read more »

Pause & Reflect

A Look at the Good News

Every human on our planet is struggling right now. For some, it’s simply getting through the day; for others, it’s coping with mortality in unimaginable circumstances.  If the challenges we are facing are taking their toll mentally, you are not alone. Many psychologists agree that the ability to comprehend the magnitude of what is going… Read more »

Man Up for Your Health

We men seldom talk about our health and are even more reluctant to seek medical assistance. In fact, studies show that 61 percent of men do not engage in regular health checkups, representing a missed opportunity for preventive health care discussions.1 Growing up on a dairy farm in Southeast Minnesota, for me, medical doctors were… Read more »

Hypnosis for Parkinson’s Symptoms

Clients with Parkinson’s disease share the stiffness, shakiness, slowness, pain, fear, anxiety, dementia and sleeplessness that they experience with the disease. As part of integrated medical care, clinical hypnosis is a safe and drug-free approach for treatment that has shown to be effective in reducing these and other symptoms of Parkinson’s. In one National Institutes… Read more »

Hypnosis for Dementia

Really? Hypnosis for dementia? That’s the usual response I get when people first learn I’ve been using hypnosis for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease since 1997. In 2007, a lengthy study conducted in the U.K. by Simon Duff, PhD, and Daniel Nightingale, PhD, found that people living with dementia who received hypnosis therapy showed… Read more »

Hypnosis for Cancer Care

Cancer patients and survivors often experience significant problems with pain, fatigue, sleep, stress, anxiety, trauma and grief associated both with the cancer diagnosis and side effects of treatments. Hypnosis can be powerfully effective for the physical, mental and emotional fallout that comes with the disease – and after, when life is often profoundly different. Cancer… Read more »